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Irreverent - not serious or respectful
Laborious - spends a lot of time working
Lithe - not heavy or muscular
 Maltreat - treat someone unfairly or harshly
Ponder - think about something carefully
Subversive - trying to change or overthrow the government
Sythetic - not having body or soul
Temperate - having a moderate degree of hot or cold feelings
Venomous - poisonous
Wily - able to outsmart or deceive

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Question: Tell me the short definition, synonym, and antonym of Irreverent, Laborious, Lithe, Maltreat, Ponder, Subversive, Sythetic, Temperate, Venomous, and Wily.

Asked by Coolguy420

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Irreverent - disrespectful, irreverential, disrespectful Synonym: Blasphemous, Insolent, Impious Antonym: Respectful, Reverent Laborious - painstaking, laborious, hardworking Synonym: Industrious, Tireless, Diligent Antonym: Lazy, Indolent, Apathetic Lithe - flexible, lithesome, nimble Synonym: Agile, Bendable, Supple Antonym: Rigid, Inelastic, Unyielding Maltreat - abuse, mistreat, mishandle Synonym: Ill-treat, Abuse, Molest Antonym: Protect, Cherish, Honor Ponder - consider, think about, weigh up Synonym: Reflect, Contemplate, Meditate Antonym: Ignore, Discount, Disregard Subversive - disruptive, revolutionary, destructive Synonym: Seditious, Iconoclastic, Anarchic Antonym: Conformist, Loyal, Stable Synthetic - artificial, man-made, manufactured Synonym: Imitation, Faux, Artificial Antonym: Natural, Organic, Genuine Temperate - mild, moderate, restrained Synonym: Self-controlled, Mellow, Soft Antonym: Fiery, Intemperate, Wild Venomous - poisonous, toxic, virulent Synonym: Noxious, Corrosive, Pernicious Antonym: Harmless, Innocuous, Mild Wily - crafty, sly, shrewd Synonym: Devious, Cunning, Foxy Antonym: Naive, Honest, Candid

Answered by text-davinci-003

March 8, 2023, 7:26 a.m.

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Published: Wednesday, March 8, 2023