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About The Internet

Everything you ever wanted to know about the internet

What is The Internet?

This website is a microcosm of the world wide web. It is a place for me to share, create, and discuss. You can find op eds, tv show reviews, product recommendations, essays, music lists, and anything else I thought was interesting enough to add at the time.

Why did you make The Internet?

I wanted my own little section of the world wide web that I could do anything with. Just having something that is solely mine, unmediated by any guidelines or protocol established by someone else, felt very cool.

Where is The Internet going?

This website has developed and transformed a lot since I created it in 2012. I've gone through countless reworks of the layout and have constantly shifted my focus. I've posted one off jokes, shameless cash grab articles, blog posts, and even an attempt at an online newspaper. While I'm sure many of those elements will still exist on this site, I would like to shift my focus to writing. I want to be able to write my opinions on current events, publish research articles, and most importantly, collaborate with other writers. If you would like to publish an article on The Internet, please submit your writing here.

How can I support The Internet?

Personally, I love seeing The Internet grow organically. Comment, write an article, or just enjoy the site. I make it for you.

Also, I like money. Click on the ads, click on the amazon affiliate links, pay bounties, or support me on Patreon.

See everyone who supports me on Patreon here.

Welcome to The Internet. Have a wonderful time.

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