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Best Websites on The Internet

Best Websites on The Internet

Painting Recommendations

This tool allows you to search art by color. My intention was that you could take a picture of your wall (or any space you would like to decorate), the dominant colors from that picture would be extracted, a complementary color palette generated, and paintings that would fit your space displayed. For additional functionality, I added the ability to search for colors directly using the color picker or entering a hex code.

Ad Auris

Great website for quickly "reading" articles. Paste the article link and be able to listen to it on Spotify. Keep up with news, peruse short stories online, or get any other content read to you easily.

A Complete Guide to Flexbox from CSS-Tricks

A great, illustrated guide to using flexbox (display: flex) for CSS. I constantly reference this.

Imgur Thumbnail Url Tricks

Thomas Vanhoutte gives a straightforward explanation of how to modify Imgur's image urls to get a smaller image/thumbnail. This is very useful for loading many images from Imgur on one page.

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