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Search Art by Color

Match your artwork to your living space. Select the colors you like or upload an image of your space, and find art that matches your tastes

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Search Art by Color:


The purpose of this paintings search tool is to allow you to search for paintings that fit your color scheme.

When I repainted my walls, I realized that some of my old artwork clashed with the new color scheme.

I recently went to buy new artwork and I wanted to make sure it would complement my new wall colors well, so I built this tool to help.

It was also a fun project to learn more about color theory and color math. Let me know if you have any questions or feedback in the comments below!

Color Search

Use the built-in color picker or enter in the color's hex code directly.

You can enter up to 5 colors to search for.

Use this to search for paintings by hex code.

Image Search

When you upload an image, the algorithm will create a color palette of your image, create a complementary color palette, and use that one to search for paintings.

This ensures that any artwork will complement your space well.

We recommend photographing your space with good, natural lighting to avoid color distortion.

Note that all images are uploaded to

Under Image Search Type, select how you would like to use the image to search for paintings.

Search Colors that Complement Image: Returns paintings that will complement the colors in the image (use this if you took a picture of your living space)

Search Colors in Image: Returns paintings similar to the colors in the image (use this if you upload a picture of a painting, and want to find art with a similar color scheme)

Please leave a comment below if you have any questions or want me to add any additional features!
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