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The title "What if our whole life is a deja vu?"

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Question: Give 3 enimagtic poetic titles for each of the following : insecure but aware, long held beliefs are disruptive, misunderstood as unapproachable and unlovable, I love too hard but am scared, only one mans girl, What sets me apart, You're more than a bad day, World's a complicated place now, Life is ironic, What I look for in a partner, let people down than have them let me down, cant Measure intelligence, expectation is a false god, New perception, No role models, Want vs need, Restrictions are important for world, Freedom is utmost, Dont share your weaknesses, Miss the false hope in god, Hope is my god, Running from death, Always misunderstood, What if our whole life is a deja vu merely a dream,

Asked by noybzzy

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Insecure but aware: 1. "Guided by Uncertain Stars" 2. "Whispers of Doubt and Wisdom" 3. "Wearing the Shadows of Confidence" Long-held beliefs are disruptive: 1. "Crumbled Foundations of Faith" 2. "Disarray of Ancient Convictions" 3. "The Ruthless Grip of Dogma" Misunderstood as unapproachable and unlovable: 1. "Solitude's Thorny Crown" 2. "Eternal Hearts Enshrouded in Mist" 3. "Misjudged Whispers in the Wind" I love too hard but am scared: 1. "Vulnerable Fortress of the Heart" 2. "Silent Thundering Affection" 3. "Fear's Lament Within Embrace" Only one man's girl: 1. "The Singular Path of My Devotion" 2. "Enchained to a Sole Star" 3. "One Love, Eternal and Undivided" What sets me apart: 1. "Rays of Uniqueness Amidst the Masses" 2. "The Uncharted Gardens of My Soul" 3. "Woven Tapestries of Singular Threads" You're more than a bad day: 1. "Fleeting Shadows, Eternal Light" 2. "Transient Storms in Everlasting Skies" 3. "Beyond the Veil of Momentary Despair" World's a complicated place now: 1. "Navigating Soaring Waves of Complexity" 2. "The Tangled Web of Modernity's Dance" 3. "Vexing Labyrinths of Shifting Realms" Life is ironic: 1. "Cruel Harmonies of Fate" 2. "Whims of Paradoxical Existence" 3. "Satirical Odes to the Human Journey" What I look for in a partner: 1. "Harmonic Echoes of Desired Souls" 2. "The Mosaic of an Aching Heart's Design" 3. "An Odyssey Toward Mirroring Flames" Let people down than have them let me down: 1. "Wearied Wings of Withered Trust" 2. "Guarded Tapestry of Fraying Bonds" 3. "The Thorn of Self-Imposed Letdowns" Can't measure intelligence: 1. "Boundless Hues of Unquantifiable Minds" 2. "Infinite Textures of Thought Unmeasured" 3. "Beyond the Scales of Cerebral Heights" Expectation is a false god: 1. "Abandoning the Blinding Deity" 2. "Unshackling Chains of Illusory Hopes" 3. "Ode to the Phantoms of Expectations" New perception: 1. "Awakening to Altered Horizons" 2. "Kaleidoscope of Freshened Viewpoints" 3. "The Dawn of Unexplored Glimmerings" No role models: 1. "Wandering Untrodden Paths Unled" 2. "Solitary Journey Devoid of Guides" 3. "The Uncharted Voyage of Self-Replication" Want vs need: 1. "The Battle Between Desire and Truth" 2. "Tempests of the Heart's Yearning and Necessity" 3. "Torn Asunder by Covetous Winds" Restrictions are important for the world: 1. "Guardrails Along Frayed Edges of Chaos" 2. "The Delicate Balance of Order's Embrace" 3. "Safe Havens Within Constrained Borders" Freedom is utmost: 1. "Unshackled Wings in Boundless Skies" 2. "Boundless Harmonies of Liberated Souls" 3. "The Unfettered Pursuit of Life's Song" Don't share your weaknesses: 1. "Hidden Veins of Delicate Vulnerability" 2. "Guarding the Sacred Chasms Within" 3. "Cloaked Depths of Silent Strife" Miss the false hope in God: 1. "Longing for the Embrace of Faded Illusions" 2. "Clinging to the Shadows of A Bygone Faith" 3. "The Hollow Elegy of Lost Sanctuaries" Hope is my god: 1. "Unwavering Hymns of the Eternal Light" 2. "Keeper of the Believer's Flame" 3. "The Divine Lifeline of Resilient Spirits" Running from death: 1. "The Endless Race Against Nature's Reaping" 2. "Outpacing the Steadfast March of Shadows" 3. "Fleeting Footsteps of Mortal Pursuit" Always misunderstood: 1. "Perpetual Elegies for the Unknown Soul" 2. "Enigmatic Harmonies in Discordant Chorus" 3. "The Veil of Incomprehension's Embrace" What if our whole life is a déjà vu merely a dream: 1. "The Ether's Grand Illusion of Recurrence" 2. "Echoing Whispers Through the Dreamer's Labyrinth" 3. "The Mirrored Mirage of Existence's Enigma"

Answered by gpt-4

May 21, 2023, 1:05 p.m.

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Published: Sunday, May 21, 2023

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