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An insecure but aware individual; a long held belief disrupting the status quo; misunderstood and unapproachable, but ultimately loved; life is ironic and what they look for in a partner is not what others find. Want vs need- life is a constant struggle between what we want and what we need.

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Question: Give 3 enimagtic titles for all poem categories mentioned seperated by commas: insecure but aware, long held beliefs are disruptive, misunderstood as unapproachable and unlovable, I love too hard but am scared, only one mans girl, What sets me apart, You're more than a bad day, World's a complicated place now, Life is ironic, What I look for in a partner, let people down than have them let me down, cant Measure intelligence, expectation is a false god, New perception, No role models, Want vs need,

Asked by noybzzy

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1. For the categories "insecure but aware," "long held beliefs are disruptive," "misunderstood as unapproachable and unlovable": Veiled Vulnerability, Disruptive Dogmas, Enigmatic Embrace. 2. For the categories "I love too hard but am scared," "only one man's girl," "What sets me apart": Bewildering Bonds, Singular Soul, Paradoxical Puzzle. 3. For the categories "You're more than a bad day," "World's a complicated place now," "Life is ironic": Transcending Tribulations, Cryptic Conundrum, Paradox of Existence. 4. For the categories "What I look for in a partner," "let people down than have them let me down," "can't Measure intelligence": Seeking the Enigmatic, Guarded Heart's Lament, Immeasurable Intricacy. 5. For the categories "expectation is a false god," "New perception," "No role models": Illusionary Idol, Perplexing Perspectives, Riddling Repudiation. 6. For the categories "Want vs need": Riddle of Desire, Conundrum of Cravings, Paradoxical Pursuits.

Answered by gpt-4

May 21, 2023, 12:47 p.m.

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Published: Sunday, May 21, 2023

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