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Don't be afraid to give up,
To follow your heart,
And never give up on love.
Living life to the full,
And always staying humble,
No matter what happens,
We'll all be okay.

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Question: Give 3 short poetic titles for each: I was always misunderstood, Turn back time, Just listen dont debate, Wealthy but humble, Hollow Elgey, Parents sacrifice is greatest, We're all equal, life flash before my eyes, I'm dead iside, The world is getting cruel, A partner who connects my soul, Don't expect anything, Rules are important

Asked by noybzzy

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I Was Always Misunderstood: 1. Echoes of Misconception 2. Misread Soul's Verse 3. Unheard Whispers Turn Back Time: 1. Rewind the Ephemeral 2. Sands of Reversal 3. Chronos' Lament Just Listen, Don't Debate: 1. Heed Unspoken Wisdom 2. Silent Voices Prevail 3. Hear the Heart's Tale Wealthy but Humble: 1. Riches Cloaked in Modesty 2. Benevolent Abundance 3. Humility's Fortune Hollow Elegy: 1. Empty Requiem's Embrace 2. Sorrowful Echoes 3. Abyss of Mourning Parents' Sacrifice is Greatest: 1. Love's Unyielding Martyrdom 2. Progenitor Devotion 3. The Axis of Sacrifice We're All Equal: 1. Harmonious Unity 2. Whispered Equality 3. Vast Constellation Life Flash Before My Eyes: 1. Swift Glimpse of Existence 2. Blurred Time's Symphony 3. Fading Breath's Reel I'm Dead Inside: 1. Barren Soul's Lament 2. Numbness Inhabits Me 3. Emptiness, My Vessel The World is Getting Cruel: 1. Rising Shadows' Grip 2. Cruelty's Dawning Age 3. Merciless Earth's Descent A Partner Who Connects My Soul: 1. Souls Entwined in Stardust 2. Celestial Love's Union 3. Harmonic Synergy Don't Expect Anything: 1. Unfettered by Promises 2. Desire's Empty Pursuit 3. Taming Expectation's Flame Rules are Important: 1. Order's Mighty Song 2. Structure's Breath 3. Guiding Laws of Life

Answered by gpt-4

May 21, 2023, 1:58 p.m.

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Published: Sunday, May 21, 2023

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