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Lesson Plan, Senior Phase, Mathematics, Geometry, Straight Lines in the style of Pablo Picasso

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Question: plan and create lesson plan for senior phase mathematics under geometry of straight lines with duration of 60 minutes. indicate appropriate time in your lesson to shoe the passing of the lesson. creative and original mathematics resources must be designed for use in group work activity and provide the reflection on your lesson plan. design an assessment tool based around your lesson plan to access an element of your group work activity and the tool must be used to extract marks for a given aspect of the activity and it should also allow formative feedback to be given to learners

Asked by vhuhwavho

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Title: Geometry of Straight Lines for Senior Phase Mathematics Duration: 60 minutes Lesson plan: 1. Introduction (5 minutes): Kick-off the lesson with a brief overview of the topic, importance of understanding straight lines in geometry and the learning outcomes expected by the end of the lesson. 2. Reinforcement of Previous Knowledge (10 minutes): A recap of previously learned geometric concepts relating to straight lines through a short interactive quiz. 3. New Content Introduction (15 minutes): Presentation of new concepts using a digital whiteboard, explaining how to interpret, construct, and work with straight lines on a graph. Use real-life examples to make the concept relatable. 4. Break/Transition (5 minutes): A short break to allow learners to process the previous segment of the lesson. 5. Group Work Activity (20 minutes): Divide students into small groups and assign each group a unique problem to solve that involves straight lines. Provide each group with a custom-made Math resource kit containing geometric tools and a problem statement. Have students discuss, solve and prepare a presentation. 6. Presentation & Discussion (5 minutes): Have each group present their solutions. Facilitate a brief discussion of the different approaches and processes used by each group. Homework assignment/Assessment of lesson (5 minutes): Assign a short problem-solving exercise based on straight lines for learners to complete at home. Reflection: The Lesson Plan aims to help learners understand the Geometry of Straight Lines. The use of a digital whiteboard allows visual learners to absorb better while the group activity promotes teamwork and critical thinking. The assessment tool in terms of a homework assignment enables evaluation of the understanding level of the individual learner. Assessment Tool: A rubric will be used to assess group work, focusing on elements such as teamwork, problem-solving techniques, accuracy of the solution, and clarity of the presentation. 1. Teamwork (0-4 marks): Assess the learners' ability to work effectively in a group, communicate, and contribute. 2. Problem-Solving Technique (0-4 marks): Score based on the group’s ability to logically and effectively approach the problem. 3. Accuracy of Solution (0-4 marks): Mark this based on the correctness of the group’s final solution. 4. Presentation (0-4 marks): Score this according to the clarity, organization, and comprehension of the group’s explanation. Formative feedback will be given verbally during class discussions and individually written on their returned graded assignment, highlighting their strengths, what they need to improve, and tips on how to improve. By giving formative feedback, learners will know what they need to improve and how, which can increase motivation and improve future performance.

Answered by gpt-4

Sept. 5, 2023, 1:03 a.m.

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Published: Tuesday, September 5, 2023

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