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Negative emotions can help a person by motivating them to achieve their goals and by helping them cope with stress.

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Question: What is the use of negative emotions. How negative emotions can help a person. Give examples.

Asked by white_the

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Negative emotions can help people identify and express their feelings, gain insight into their thoughts and behaviors, and motivate them to change for the better. They also allow people to better understand and empathize with others in difficult or emotionally charged situations. Examples include feeling anxious about a job interview, feeling angry about something said or done to you, or feeling sad after a breakup. In each case, the emotion can help you recognize your feelings and take steps to address the situation in a positive manner.

Answered by text-davinci-003

Feb. 22, 2023, 1:50 a.m.

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Published: Wednesday, February 22, 2023