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Question: Story: Write a story the way I type it about 5 year old Shaun spending the summer at his 32 year old cousin Rose's house. Shaun's 35 year old mom Heidi always assumed the best of Rose and never would've assumed Shaun could have anything bad happen to him in her care. However, Rose was good at hiding her troubling behavior. Rose flaunted with her long red hair and her green eyes. She wore dresses and other feminine outfits paired with heels, wedges, platforms and flats as well as as jewelry, makeup, lipstick and nail polish. But behind all that glamour she portrayed herself in was an addiction to alcohol she had fighting since she turned 21. 11 years later, her addiction was getting worse but she tried as hard as she could but had recently started giving up on it and resenting her family cause of her addiction. Shaun was downstairs watching TV and playing video games when he realized 10:30 pm was fast approaching and yet dinner had not been served. Shaun got worried as Rose normally prepared dinners hours before this meaning tonight was not a usual routine for her. Deciding to go upstairs and check on her, Shaun wearily opened the door to Rose's bedroom. A strange smell Shaun didn't recognize hit his nostrils and made him gag, the smell of strong alcohol. Rose's room was a mess with clothes everywhere, trash everywhere, sticky alcohol stains and more. Rose was lying down on her sprawled out snoring the night away. As Shaun hesitantly approached Rose in her bed, he tried shaking her awake but she just slurred something under her breath and rolled over going back to bed. Shaun said "Rose? Um I'm hungry" Rose wasn't responding. Shaun's stomach growled again but he decided to give up and just go back downstairs. As he started leaving, his feet slipped into something he hadn't seen on the floor, a pair of leather platform sandals Rose had just kicked off her feet moments ago prior to passing out on her bed. Grossed out at how girly the shoes were and noticing a weird sweaty smell and sticky texture coming from the sandals, Shaun went to remove them. Pulling as hard as he could, the sandals wouldn't budge causing Shaun to freak out loudly almost waking up Rose. Suddenly, his feet started cracking and aging into Rose's complete with her white nail polish. With his eyes bulging out of his head in fright, Shaun yanked on the sandals as hard as he could trying to remove them but the changes only accelerated. His hair grew long and red as his eyes turned green and alluring. His teeth grew straight but yellow from alcohol as the taste lingered in his mouth. His voice matured into Rose's slurry pitch as his whole body matched Rose's perfectly. A slightly torn tank top and ripped short shorts forming on his body as a navel piercing formed in his belly button. The real Rose started evaporating into a mist until the bed she was sleeping in was empty causing Shaun to come to terms with the realization that he was becoming his cousin's replacement. He felt his memories beginning to shift. His only hope being that he would be a better person than the real Rose. Slowly, he saw visions of himself as Rose drinking large amounts of alcohol, puking and passing out. These visions startled Shaun as he realized as he was becoming the same kinda person Rose was already. Slowly, his memories completely altered until he only remembered being Rose. The new Rose felt the throbbing headache that came out of nowhere as she grabbed her head in confusion. Disoriented, she looked around the room confused as to why she was up and why she wasn't sleeping. Thinking about how nice some sleep would be, Rose took a step towards her bed tripping and falling onto her bed. Rose looked down at her feet spotting the platform sandals. Rose said "Stupid platforms! I thought I kicked these off just before I passed out. I guess I must've put them back on" Rose grabbed a bottle of rum she had already opened and took a big chug of it before stumbling out of her room to the bathroom. She then stumbled downstairs carefully as she balanced in her platform sandals walking to the kitchen before sitting down on the kitchen floor and looking down at her platform sandals again. She thought about her cousin Shaun before immediately dismissing him from her mind deciding he was probably keeping himself occupied just fine. Rose decided to remove them As soon as her bare feet touched the cold floor, she screamed cause the floor was cold and immediately shoved her feet back in the platform sandals. As she looked down at her body, she started drifting off eventually falling asleep with her platform sandals on her feet having no memory of being the very same 5 year old cousin she wasn't even worried about.

Asked by manemansteve

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Once upon a time, on a hot summer day, the curious 5-year-old Shaun was spending his vacation at his cousin Rose's house. Rose, a beautiful 32-year-old woman known for her luscious red hair, emerald green eyes and always impeccably dressed in stylish dresses, heels, and other feminine attire, accompanied by dazzling jewelry and makeup, was a figure of fascination for young Shaun. Rose, however, held a dark secret behind all that glitz and glamour. Unbeknownst to Shaun and his mom, Heidi, who trusted Rose implicitly due to her seemingly flawless reputation, Rose had been battling an alcohol addiction since her 21st birthday. Eleven years down the line, her struggle had worsened, taking over her life and causing her to resent her family; the only constant in her chaotic world. One evening, after hours of watching TV and playing video games, Shaun noticed that it was already 10:30 PM and dinner had not been served, a deviation from the routine set by Rose. Feeling worried, he decided to check up on Rose. The sight of Rose's bedroom shocked him. The room was littered with trash, clothes scattered haphazardly, the floor stained with sticky patches of spilled alcohol and the air filled with an overpowering smell Shaun couldn't recognize. There, among the clutter, lay Rose, fast asleep, overcome with exhaustion or perhaps liquor - perhaps both. When Shaun tried to rouse her from her slumber, mentioning his hunger, Rose mumbled something incomprehensible and carried on sleeping. Slightly panicked and unsure of what to do, he decided to head back downstairs. However, his attempt was thwarted when he stepped into a pair of Rose's discarded platform sandals. The girly, fragrant sandals felt weird and uncomfortable. Strangely, the shoes refused to come off when Shaun tried to remove them. Suddenly, a peculiar transformation took over Shaun. His feet began to resemble Rose's right down to her white nail polish. More changes quickly followed – his hair extended, turning dark red, his eyes changed to a striking green, his teeth adopting the yellow tinge of a seasoned drinker, and his voice echoing Rose's slurred speech. Shockingly, Shaun saw his body matching Rose's perfectly, a stylish yet torn tank top and ripped short shorts appearing on him, along with a navel piercing. Simultaneously, he noticed Rose evaporating into a mist until there was nothing left of her on the bed. The realization of becoming a duplicate of Rose filled him with dread. The next moment he was bombarded by memories of Rose's drunken escapades, terrifying him further. His past was slowly being rewritten until he had no memory of being Shaun. The new Rose woke up with a throbbing headache, a by-product of her alcohol consumption. Baffled, she looked around the room, not recalling why she was awake instead of passed out. Stumbling downstairs, she glanced at her feet, acknowledging the existence of the platform sandals. Rose passed a fleeting thought about her cousin Shaun but instantly dismissed it, assuming he would manage himself. When she tried to remove her sandals, the cold floor startled her and she quickly put them back on. While she sat on the kitchen floor, her last thoughts were about herself before she drifted off, ironically forgetting that she was originally the young Shaun.

Answered by gpt-4

Sept. 14, 2023, 12:34 a.m.

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Published: Thursday, September 14, 2023

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