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Question: Story: Write me a story about 5 year old Cam at his house on one particular evening. Cam had never had a normal childhood. Cam's 39 year old mom Sarah was not a good mom. She often drank a lot passing out on the couch and in her bedroom. She was a single mom who had been since Cam was born and it caused her to spiral into a bad addiction. Cam often wished his mom was a little bit more like the other moms of his friends at school. Sarah's long dirty blonde hair and green eyes looked friendly enough. She often wore very short dresses, lots of jewelry, short shorts and heels, platforms or wedges and sometimes flip flops. While playing downstairs, Cam felt himself getting hungry. His mom would sometimes make some type of dinner for him but tonight she hadn't come downstairs yet. Getting hungrier, Cam decided to go upstairs and ask his mom to come down and make dinner. Cam was never the most excited to do things like this but knew he had no choice. As Cam approached the bedroom, he opened the door. He was immediately hit with the sound of Samantha snoring and the smell of alcohol in the room. Grossed out at the state of the messy room, Cam nervously got closer to Sarah until he was close enough to shake her to try to wake her up. Cam noticed a half drank bottle of tequila by Sarah's bed and got uncomfortable. Feeling hopeless, Cam decided to leave the room. As he did, he stumbled and accidentally slipped his feet into a pair of platform sandals belonging to Sarah she left on the floor by her bed. Before he had a chance to remove them, his feet immediately cracked and aged into Sarah's. Looking down at his new feet, he freaked as he recognized they looked like Sarah's feet now. He tried to remove the leather wedges but they seemed to be stuck. He then watched as a rose tattoo matching Sarah's formed on his foot. Shortly, the changes accelerated. His hair grew long and dirty blonde. His eyes turned green and alluring. His arms, legs and body feminized as he gained Sarah's body. His teeth turned yellow from Sarah's alcohol addiction. His body gained a smell of alcohol and a stench of sweat. His voice turned into Sarah's voice. His outfit turned into a simple black bra and panties and fishnet stockings formed on his legs. Suddenly, the real Sarah evaporated into mist and disappeared terrifying Cam as he realized he was becoming the new Sarah. He only hoped that he would be a better mom than the real Sarah. Suddenly, his memories started altering. Hoping he was actually becoming a better mom, fear grew in his heart as he started seeing visions of himself drinking, sleeping and yelling at himself. His heart started pounding from fear as he realized he was becoming the same horrible Sarah. Eventually, his memories were completely altered, and changed until he only remembered being Sarah. The new Sarah noticed she was standing in the middle of her room and looked around confused and disoriented. Looking down at her bra and panties, she rubbed her eyes and felt a throbbing headache forming in her head. Sarah stumbled around in her room half attempting to stay balanced in her platform sandals. She then puked all over her room before eventually shrugging it off. She looked at her reflection in her dirty mirror and put her hands on her hips before losing her balance and grabbing the wall for support. Sarah slurred "Why am I awake? I need sleep. I hate my son" Sarah then grabbed her bottle of tequila off the floor and started drinking it. She then started walking around her room with her tequila in her hand as she kept stumbling over the platform sandals. After moaning and groaning, Sarah went down the stairs dizzily gripping the rail losing balance numerous times. Looking around the empty room Sarah then slurred random words to herself before looking in the direction of the kitchen. Sarah attempted to walk towards the kitchen but she lost her balance causing one of her platform sandals to come off her foot and make her fall against the wall in the kitchen. Frustrated, Sarah sat down and put her platform sandal back on her foot. Sarah slurred the quote "Damn platforms. Stay on my feet" Opening the fridge, the bright light blinded Sarah as she covered her eyes in pain before losing her balance and sitting down and falling asleep with the fridge still open with her platform sandals still on her feet, Sarah having no memory of being the very son she hated seconds ago.

Asked by manemansteve

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One evening, five-year-old Cam meandered throughout his house while his thirty-nine-year-old mother, Sarah, rested upstairs, wearing her typical blend of short dresses, ample jewelry, and platform wedges. Her dirty blonde hair, green eyes, and eclectic wardrobe were her hallmark. But behind the jovial appearance, she had a drinking habit that had been her downfall since becoming a single mom when Cam was born. Cam, with his small, hopeful heart, longed for the motherly love that his friends received from their mothers. The smell of emptiness in the house that particular evening was stronger than usual. His stomach growled, reminding him of the dinner he wished his mother would make. Gathering courage, he ascended the creaky stairs to her bedroom door which was slightly ajar. The distinct smell of alcohol and the symphony of snoring echoed as he pushed the door open. His stomach tied in knots at the sight of his mother, sprawled on the bed clutching a half-finished bottle of tequila, asleep in her oblivion. In the mess, Cam stumbled upon a pair of his mother's platform sandals, accidentally stepping into them. As soon as his tiny feet touched the leather, a strange metamorphosis began. His feet expanded and hardened, taking on the exact appearance of his mother's, even forming a rose tattoo to match Sarah. His heart pounded against his chest as a surge of fear washed over him. The transformation didn't stop there. His short hair lengthened to a dirty blonde, his eyes adopted an alluring green hue, and his figure morphed into Sarah's. The bitter stench of alcohol permeated his senses. His outfit transformed into Sarah's black bra and panties, and fishnet stockings appeared on his now-feminine legs. The real Sarah evaporated into mist beside him, absorbed into his changing form. His memories began to fade, replaced with those of his mother's. He felt a tightness in his chest - fear and regret battling within him as he began to see himself through Sarah's eyes, engaging in the same destructive habits. Finally, the transformation was complete. The new Sarah, disoriented and confused, stood in the middle of her room. The throbbing headache, disheveled reflection in the mirror, and the taste of tequila spreading across her tongue were too familiar - she was now her mother. Sarah stumbled across the room, trying hard not to trip in her towering platforms, and promptly vomited. Shaking her head at her reflection in the mirror, she tipped the remaining contents of the tequila bottle into her mouth, slurring out statements of disdain. Slowly, she managed to stagger her way down the stairs, clutching onto the rail for dear life. The silence in the room frightened her, and she lurched towards the kitchen, falling against the wall and losing a platform sandal in the process. Drunk and disoriented, she managed to reapply her shoe, cursing its impracticality, then staggered to the open fridge. As the light from the refrigerator illuminated her unkempt appearance, she blinked against the brightness, losing her balance once more. She sat down on the cold tiles, powerlessly watching as sleep crept in, claiming her unconscious body, leaving her sitting against the open fridge, with her platform sandals still strapped on and the distant sound of a child's laughter fading into oblivion.

Answered by gpt-4

Sept. 13, 2023, 4:51 p.m.

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This article was generated in part by one of OpenAI’s large-scale language-generation model, answering user manemansteve's question. Images were generated with OpenAI's AI model, DALL·E 2. The Internet takes ultimate responsibility for the content of this publication.
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Published: Wednesday, September 13, 2023

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