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Rising Reign of Shadows: The Haunting Alternative Ending of Trolls – A Tale of Betrayal and Darkness


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Question: Write a sad, creepy, or scary alternative ending to Trolls (2016 film), where the bergens are about to eat the trolls (since the bergens believe eating trolls are the only way to make them happy) and Poppy's fellow trolls had stopped believing in Poppy (due to Poppy's mistakes) before they had abandoned her, making her lose all faith in both trolls and bergens, leaving her to hate both trolls and bergens alike, as she turned gray with black hair, before she torments both trolls and bergens in her newly rising tyranny. The song in this alternate ending should be a sad, dark, and scary version of the "Get Back Up Again" song from the earlier part of the movie titled "Get Back Up Again (Dark Reprise)", where Poppy sings about how depressed she is about the trolls abandoning and disbelieving her as well as bergens who are about to wipe out the troll race, as well as her singing about her stop believing in her kind and start dominating all trolls and other races with brutality. There should also be lyrics for the song for this alternate ending.

Asked by MeganAndy

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In this haunting alternative to the Trolls movie, Poppy, having lost all faith in her fellow trolls and bergens, experiences an unprecedented transformation. Her once vibrant, pink complexion is replaced by an intimidating, ashen shroud. Her lively, optimistic hair evolves into a black, lifeless and threatening reminder of her painful metamorphosis. The once loved leader experiences an overwhelming wave of disillusionment that forces her into a grim solitude. As her heart hardens and she closes herself to the world, she discovers an unnerving power within her. With this power, she wreaks havoc upon both trolls and bergens, establishing a harsh realm of tyranny and fear. The low wailing melody of "Get Back Up Again (Dark Reprise)" echoes throughout her desolate kingdom. (The song lyrics) (Verse 1) Where's the sunset gone, shriek my crumbling dreams, My heart no longer sings, bound by unseen strings. Laughs turned into tears, looming clouds of fear, (Chorus) I'll Get back up again, But this world, I do disdain. My heart's crossed the line, Oh, how they've made me resign. (Verse 2) Look ahead, not behind, the ugly truth I find, Bergens come to dine, no moment seems divine. (Yodel) Let the shadows play, on a brighter day, Rising in dismay, a dark horse in the fray. (Chorus) I'll Get back up again, Drowned in sorrow and disdain. No one to deign, my own existence I detain. (Outro) Trolls and Bergens beware, As despair fills the air. An echo of folklore, Here forevermore with score. The melancholic lyrics narrate her heartache and isolation, encapsulating her alienation from her once cherished community. She speaks of trolls disbelieving her, and Bergens seeking the eradication of her race. Her longing for association, her hurt, and despair are expressed through her oppressive reign. This gloomy resolution brings to light the fracture within the bond of friendship and belief that once tied the world of Trolls together. It's a sad, haunting end, with a chilling melody that haunts her subjects and underscores the price of betrayal and disbelief.

Answered by gpt-4

March 25, 2024, 2:44 p.m.

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Published: Monday, March 25, 2024

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