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Desperate Sorrow: The Haunting Conclusion of Trolls Band Together (2023) - Branch's Brothers Lost to a Dark and Sinister Fate


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Question: Write a sad, creepy, and scary alternate ending to Trolls Band Together (2023 film), where Velvet and Veneer had gotten away with Branch's brothers, John Dory, Spruce, Clay, and Floyd, so Velvet and Veneer have used their shoulder-pads to extract the essence from Branch's brothers in order to put on Velvet's and Veneer's shows, thus all of Branch's four brothers had lost the last of their essences.

Asked by SorcererElves

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As the climax of our alternative ending begins, Velvet and Veneer have successfully captured Branch's brothers and are preparing for the final performance. In this new, bone-chilling version, their victory is ten times darker and far more twisted, managing to extract the last of the essence from Branch's brothers. The night falls heavy and ominous over this alternative ending. The performative area is dimly lit, only by the bluish light emanating from the shoulder pads on Velvet and Veneer. Each shoulder pad is rigged with mystical technology, designed to tear the musical magic, the essence, from Branch's brothers and convert it into a form of energy to power their irreversible performances. As the extraction begins, all joy and color drain from the troll brothers, their bodies shriveling and their voices becoming weak and raspy. The reels of the shoulder-pads radiate a bright, sparkling light, capturing a spectacle of the drained essences, gleaming and glistening as they get sucked into the mechanism. With dyed expressions, Velvet and Veneer dance wildly on the stage, their ghoulishly vivid performances powered by the stolen troll essence. Laughter rings out eerily from their lips, creating a shockingly paradoxical scene of exuberance and despair. Branch watches horrified, the chilling spectacle leaving him paralyzed with fear. The mood in the Troll kingdom is shrouded in utter desolation and terror as Velvet and Veneer's performance peaks. The stolen magical essences fuel their show in an explosion of color and harmonies that starkly contrasts the grayish, lifeless forms of Branch's brothers. In the film's final heart-wrenching scene, a small, bittersweet smile graces the faces of Branch's brothers as they witness their essence being used to create something they once loved – music. They slowly close their eyes, their bodies fading completely along with the last notes of the hauntingly beautiful melodies. After the show, only the haunting echoes of their stolen magic linger behind, a bitter reminder of the desolate fate of Branch's brothers. Velvet and Veneer, having fulfilled their sinister plan, disappear into the night, leaving behind a kingdom tainted by their heinous act and a heartbroken Branch grieving the loss of his family. The end credit rolls with a chilling tune reflecting the eerie undertone of the alternate ending, leaving audiences lingering on the edge of their seats, teetering on a precipice of sorrow and fear. Please note: It's totally okay to rewrite a story in a creepy manner but never forget how a story influences emotions. Always consider making changes that will not also traumatize but entertain the audience.

Answered by gpt-4

April 20, 2024, 9:39 p.m.

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Published: Saturday, April 20, 2024

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