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Old Aunt Cara Replaces Mom in Dan's Life


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Question: Question: Story: Write me a story about 6 year old Dan who lives with his 37 year old aunt Cara. Dan's 34 year old mom Judith was in jail indefinitely and had never had the best reputation due to her addictions and her shoplifting problem. Cara, wasn't much better. She was a single woman and was addicted to cigarettes and alcohol often passing out in random rooms around the house. She had long blonde hair that was unkempt and blue eyes that still had lost their beauty. She wore feminine outfits that were worn but it didn't matter to her. Often wearing heels, flats, sandals or wedges or dresses, shorts shorts, tank tops and skirts or a simple bra and panties paired with leggings and an array of jewelry. Today wasn't the usual day though. As Dan sat downstairs playing with his toys in the living room waiting for Cara to come down and at least try to make a dinner, he noticed it was nighttime outside and she still hadn't come downstairs. His stomach growling, Dan nervously climbed the stairs not ready to face his aunt knowing how "weird" she looked and smelled as he described it in his little innocent way. Opening his aunt's door, he immediately heard the loud sound of his aunt snoring and smelled the strong scent of alcohol and tobacco in the room. Carefully walking towards his aunt's bed, he saw a half drank bottle of vodka on the ground next to her bed making him gag in disgust. Dylan said "Ew that water auntie drinks always smells funny" Trying to shake Cara awake was pointless as she was deep in her sleep. As he went to leave, he accidentally tripped causing his tiny feet to slip into a pair of the same black platform sandals Cara had just kicked off her feet before passing out. Seeing his aunt's sandals on his tiny feet grossed him out as he hated how girly they looked and how painful they felt. He suddenly noticed his feet cracking and aging into Cara's until they looked exactly like hers. He tried removing the shoes but they seemed to be stuck to his feet which startled him and frightened him as he frantically tried to remove them. The changes accelerated as his legs feminized and matured as a tattoo of an angel appeared on his left ankle matching Cara's tattoo. His body and chest matured and feminized. His arms matured and lengthened until he had his aunt's hands. His head and face changed into Cara's as his eyes turned blue and his hair turned long and blonde and dirty. His teeth turning yellow from the constant drinking and smoking. His voice maturing into Cara's slurred female pitch. His outfit turned into a red short sleeve plaid shirt and short shorts. He looked over at his sleeping aunt and noticed she was slowly fading and evaporating into a mist. Now realizing he was becoming his aunt's replacement, his only hope was that he would be a better aunt than his own aunt was. Suddenly, his memories started altering and changing. As he hoped to become a better aunt, his wishes were short-lived as he saw visions of himself smoking and drinking and puking and sleeping. Sadness and fear in his mind as he realized he was turning into the exact same terrible person his aunt was. Eventually, his memories had completely altered and changed until he only remembered being Cara. The new Cara blinked in confusion as she stood in the middle of her bedroom wondering why she was awake. As she looked around her room, she took a step before almost tripping in her sandals before barely stopping herself from falling. Cara drunkingly slurred about how stupid her sandals were. Cara then grabbed her bottle of vodka opening it back up and taking a big gulp as she left her bedroom. Each step down the stairs was unsteady as she looked down at her platform sandals having trouble balancing in them. Facing the kitchen, Cara took a big step causing her to fall and slip out of her platform sandals. As Cara sat up on the floor dizzy and drunk, she struggled eventually grabbing her platform sandals and sticking them back on her feet. Standing up and opening the fridge, Cara spotted the food she wanted. As she went to reach it, her vision became cloudy and she lost her footing and fell on the kitchen floor and fell asleep with the fridge door open and her platform sandals still on her feet having no memory of being her very own nephew and doomed the spend the rest of her life a woman named Cara who was battling addiction.

Asked by manemansteve

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Once upon a time, in a worn-out house on a forgotten street, there lived a 37-year-old woman named Cara and her 6-year-old nephew Dan. Dan's mother, Judith, a 34-year-old woman, was serving an indefinite sentence in jail, her life marred by addictions and a string of thefts. Cara, Judith's sister, wasn't exactly a role model either. She was a chain-smoker and suffered from alcohol addiction; often, she would drown her sorrows in the bottle, passing out randomly around the house. She was a rough beauty with long, messy blonde hair and bright blue eyes that somehow retained their beauty despite her lifestyle. Haphazardly thrown on feminine outfits, paired with an array of jewelry, completed her image. One day, however, things took a turn. While Dan was playing with his toys, waiting for Cara to prepare lunch, time ticked by unnoticed until the darkness outside reminded him of his hunger. Scared yet resolute, Dan ascended the stairs leading to his aunt's room. The overpowering smell of alcohol and tobacco that hit him as soon as he entered her room made him gag. Midst her loud snores, he found her sprawled on the bed, a half-drunk bottle of vodka beside her. While trying to wake Cara, Dan ended up slipping into a pair of her black platform sandals. Disgust shimmered in his eyes, not just because he didn't like girly stuff, but also due to the transformation that it followed. Dan gasped as his feet began to change, morphing into Cara's. His tiny frame matured into Cara's body, complete with her angel tattoo on his ankle. His body altered quickly, his arms lengthening, hair turning blonde and unkempt like Cara's. His face and voice, too, took on Cara's image, becoming worn and slurred, his teeth stained yellow. A sinking feeling took over Dan as he realized he was becoming a spitting image of his aunt. As he glanced at Cara, he saw her fading, disintegrating into a mist. Suddenly, he felt a rush of memories quicker than before, memories of himself following Cara's decade-old habits. Fear welled up in him as he realized his fate. Then, suddenly, he was Cara. A confused Cara stared blankly at her room, stumbling in her sandals. She picked up the vodka bottle, trudging towards the kitchen, stumbling more than once, yet, paying no heed. Evidently, she couldn't recall being her nephew. A drunken Cara finally reached for the fridge, fumbling around for food. But her cloudy vision and unstable balance lead her to fall, asleep on the cold kitchen floor. Oblivious to her transformation from Dan, she was trapped in this life, now forever known as Cara, the woman who was in a constant battle with addiction.

Answered by gpt-4

Sept. 13, 2023, 8:44 p.m.

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Published: Wednesday, September 13, 2023

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