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Question: Story: Write me a story the way I type about 5 year old Brandon living with his 40 year old aunt Anna due to his mom and dad being in jail because of their drug addictions. Anna being his mom's older sister wasn't much better than his mom was in the fact she had an alcohol abuse problem. Being stuck in her addiction for over 19 years, it showed no signs of slowing down. Anna had her long brown hair messy and unkempt along with her dull hazel eyes often wearing puke-stained and alcohol-stained clothes and sticky and wet shoes as she slept on every surface of the house at some point. Anna still had a love for Brandon she couldn't completely ignore however. Tonight, Brandon was watching TV sitting on the floor as the couch was drenched in his aunt's sweat as well as some fresh wine stains. It was nearly midnight and Brandon felt his stomach growling reminding him he was hungry. Brandon attempted to grab a chair and cook his own dinner but he wasn't completely sure how to use the oven. Brandon reluctantly decided he would have to go upstairs and ask his aunt Anna to come down and help him. Walking upstairs, Brandon remembered where the wet spots were and avoided them as he reached the top. Brandon stood outside his aunt's bedroom door already hearing the sound of her snoring. He trembled as he knocked hoping to wake her up but no matter how hard he tried, she wouldn't respond. Opening the door, his nose was hit with strong nasty smells of all kinds causing him to almost puke in disgust. His eyes darted over to a half drank bottle of wine on his aunt's bedside table. Brandon stepped closer to his aunt's bed and started attempting to shake her awake but she wouldn't respond. Giving up, Brandon decided to go back downstairs and try and make his own dinner again. Not paying attention, he accidentally slipped causing his feet to stumble into a pair of black strappy leather platform sandals his aunt often wore. He scrunched his nose at the sight of his tiny feet in the sandals thinking about big and bulky and girly they looked. His feet also instantly got drenched in whatever wet liquid happened to be soaked into the platforms. Removing the sandals, Brandon attempted to leave. Please have Brandon say the quote "Ew, auntie's shoe's are too big and girly. Get them off" Before he could leave, his feet slowly started growing and aging into Anna's complete with her pedicure. Grossed out, Brandon panicked trying to wake up his aunt shaking her even harder than before. Please have Brandon say the quote "Auntie! Wake up! I'm becoming a girl. I don't wanna be a girl!" crying as he couldn't stop the changes. The changes accelerated as his legs, arms, body and head slowly feminized as he gained the manicure on his fingers to match the pedicure and his hair turned brown and messy and unkempt and his eyes turned hazel and dull and his voice deepened to match his aunt Anna's. His outfit turning into a black bra and panties which were soaked in sweat and wine stains. Brandon took one step in his new body feeling awkward with his new feminine features when he suddenly noticed his aunt dissolving into a mist from her bed before disappearing completely. Making Brandon realize he was becoming his aunt's replacement. His memories started changing slowly. A small part of him hoped he would become a better person than Anna was. Suddenly, his memories started showing visions of him as Anna drinking heavily, puking and passing out in inappropriate places. His heart sinking with the realization that he was becoming the same alcoholic Anna was. His memories then completely altered until he only remembered himself as Anna. The new Anna was dizzy and confused as she looked around her bedroom before looking down at her bra and panties. She sat down on the floor sitting in a puddle of her sweat. As she looked down, she flashed back to the night the sweat puddle came from and shrugged it off as if it was no big deal. She crawled over to her bed grabbing her bottle of wine opening it up and chugging it down before finishing it. Anna couldn't hold it in as she puked all over her bed and all over herself before half attempting to brush the vomit off herself. She spotted her platform sandals on the floor in her room and grabbed them. They were still soaked and sticky from previous wine nights and puking sessions but Anna no longer cared as she slipped her feet into the massive platform sandals. Standing in front of the mirror, Anna did drunk poses having trouble balancing in the platforms. She then sat on the edge of her bed and crossed her legs before flipping her messy hair trying to act like a model. Suddenly, her eyes darted down at her feet and fear and confusion grew in her heart. Please have Anna say the quote "Whose platform sandals are these? Oh wait, they're mine. These are my platform sandals. So comfortable" in a drunken breathy tone before beginning to laugh feeling the urge to vomit once again. Anna had briefly forgotten where she was and what she was doing do to the excess amount of wine she had consumed that day even causing her to forget about the platform sandals belonging to her. Anna stumbled down the stairs before laying down in the kitchen. She opened the fridge and pulled out some lunch meat and made herself a sandwich eating it in front of the fridge with the fridge door still open. Anna then struggled to hold onto the counter as she opened the cupboard door and grabbed an unopened bottle of wine. Popping the cork open, she chugged the wine until it was completely empty and fell on the ground dropping the wine bottle. Anna crawled out to the living room accidentally losing her platform sandals in the process. Anna crawled grabbing her platform sandals and managing to put one of them back on. Her mind growing too cloudy as she grabbed the other one and slowly started dozing off. Anna thought about her nephew Brandon before deciding to call him downstairs. Please have Anna say the quote "Sweetie, can you bring me uh, you're.... ugh, on your own tonight for dinner" with one platform sandal on her foot and the other one lying next to her before passing out having no memory of being the very nephew she was calling and having no memory of wanting to be a better woman than the real Anna.

Asked by manemansteve

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In a house worn and weary laid five-year-old Brandon, living with his 40-year-old aunt Anna. His parents were in jail due to their drug addictions, resulting in their child learning the ways of the world through the eyes of Anna - a woman broken into smithereens by her own addiction. Anna, his mother's elder sister, carried her own cross of an alcohol abuse problem, her life drowned in bottles for almost two decades. Anna, a ghost of the woman she one day dreamt of becoming, showcased untamed brown hair, hazel eyes dulled by her relentless routine, and clothes littered with the remnants of nightly binges. Despite her shadowy existence, a faint yet persistent love for young Brandon flickered in her soul. One night, Brandon found himself glued to the television. The couch, drenched in new and aged stains of Anna's habits, was hardly inviting. As midnight approached, the growls of his empty stomach began to echo through the room. He knew he needed dinner. But a five-year-old cooking? He didn't quite master that art. Yet, the alternative was to disturb his inebriated aunt upstairs. Warily, Brandon climbed the staircase, expertly avoiding slick spots that marred the once safe environment of his home. Anna’s door loomed, her snores stridently evident on the other side. Knock after knock, call after call, her snoring kept a steady rhythm, a twister of worry started to build in Brandon's stomach. Plagued by the pungent odor that greeted him when he opened her door, Brandon stood at the threshold of a changed reality. His tiny frame shook as he tried to rouse Anna. Her unresponsiveness left him defeated and seeking refuge in self-sufficiency. He turned to head back downstairs but instead, blundered into a pair of over-sized black platform sandals, spilling whatever liquid they were soaked in. "Ew, auntie's shoes are too big and girly. Get them off!" complained Brandon but instead of stopping, his small feet began morphing into the adult feet that regularly filled those shoes. Panicking, his terror-filled call pierced the stagnant room, "Auntie! Wake up! I'm becoming a girl. I don't want to be a girl!" The transformation Edward Munch might have titled 'The Metamorphosis', continued, his world toppled upside down by his morphing physique accented by fresh manicures and a new sense of fashion manifested in sweaty, wine-stained black bra and panties. As this bizarre episode accelerated, Brandon watched in horror as Anna evaporated into mist before vanishing completely. In her place, stood a mirror image of her - young Brandon. His thoughts began to transform, filling his mind with memories where he was living as Anna. Deep within, a part of him wished to shimmer brighter than Anna ever could. That wish, however, seemed to be ashes on the wind as visions of his new self imitating Anna's destructive behavior etched themselves into his mind. His perception of himself had shifted entirely. Standing in front of a mirror, the new Anna looked down at her appearance, sat on the floor, and began reliving past alcohol-induced escapades that caused the sweat pool she was now sitting in. Dulled senses, skyrocketing alcohol levels, vomit-soaked bed, and the inviting platform sandals found themselves at home in yet another night of intoxication. As a distorted reflection catwalked in the mirror wearing the platform sandals, she slurred, "Whose platform sandals are these? Oh wait, they're mine. These are my platform sandals. So comfortable". There was a wave of laughter before nausea overcame Anna. She tottered downstairs, barefoot, one shoe accompanying her on the kitchen floor where she devoured a sandwich she barely made. Another bottle of wine fell victim to Anna, its life emptied in one hearty chug followed by an inevitable puke-fest. Lying in her living room, a wave of sentiment veiled her as she thought of Brandon and beckoned, "Sweetie, can you bring me uh, you're.... ugh, on your own tonight for dinner". One platform sandal on, the other lying idly by her side, there lay the new Anna; a mirror image of the woman she once promised herself she'd never become.

Answered by gpt-4

Sept. 14, 2023, 8:04 p.m.

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Published: Thursday, September 14, 2023

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