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My Plant Girl Encounter with the Water Witch

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Question: Write a story about a humanoid plant girl who has an encounter with an water witch. After some time the humanoid plant loses and as punishment has her butt chest belly and cheeks inflated with water with her in a bikini until she can't grow anymore. Describe only her being inflated in incredible detail, along with the sounds that are made during the process.

Asked by xmgr

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Vira, the humanoid plant girl, braced herself as she faced off against Aquella, the powerful water witch. They stood against each other, a water pool behind Aquella and green verdant meadows behind Vira. Aquella, smiling smugly, was sure to punish Vira for challenging her. Vira was decked in a simple leaf-patterned bikini, highlighting her botanical body, and her emerald eyes gleamed with determination. Aquella raised her hands, summoning water a from the pool with a sibilant swoosh, helping it take shape into a large water bubble hovering above Vira. As the bubble slowly descended, Vira could only watch with a mix of apprehension and fascination. The bubble popped with a sound that echoed through the vicinity, covering her entirely. Immediately, she felt an odd sensation in her body. A chill. A slight tensioning. Looking down, she saw her belly start to bloat. It swelled like a water balloon being slowly filled from a garden hose, rounder and fuller with each passing second. There was the soft sound of rustling leaves mirroring her growing form, like a tree thickening its trunk, followed by the gentle gurgle of water flowing, akin to a bubbling brook, as her belly continued to inflate. With a groan like an old tree swaying in the wind, her navel expanded outward, giving her an exaggerated hourglass shape. Next, her chest began to inflate, to match her swelling belly. Vira's bikini top was stretched taut over her growing bust. It made a soft creaking sound, reminiscent of tree branches bending under the weight of newly formed buds, the water engorging her breasts until they too matched her bloated belly in size. Her cheeks were the next to experience the hyperinflation. They puffed up like cute, plump apples ripening on the branch, a delicate blush spreading across them. Vira could almost hear the soft pop-pop-pop sounds as tiny water droplets hastened her transformation, her face now beautifully round and cherubic. Finally, the inflation spread to her butt, straining her bikini bottoms. The material stretched and strained, making small creeks as it sheltered her bloating behind. Underneath, it felt like dozens of small water balloons acquiring volume, growing larger and rounder. The ballooning came to an end when, finally, Vira could not grow any more. Her inflated form stood as a testament to Aquella's victorious punishment. Vira let out a small gasp, a little wheezy like a gust of wind through the leaves, her voice sounding distant and taken aback, "Alright, Aquella, I've learned my lesson." At the sight of the metamorphosized plant girl, Aquella satisfied, withdrew the spell, allowing Vira return to her normal state with the sound of rustling leaves in the wind.

Answered by gpt-4

Oct. 3, 2023, 8:06 p.m.

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Published: Tuesday, October 3, 2023

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