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An air witch has taken a liking to a humanoid plant girl and decides to make her her new toy. The air witch first inflates her butt chest and belly with air, making her look like a beautiful Barbie

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Question: Write a story about a humanoid plant girl who has an encounter with an air witch. After some time the humanoid plant loses and as punishment has her butt chest and belly inflated with air with her in a bikini. Describe only her being inflated in incredible detail

Asked by xmgr

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Rising from the verdant landscapes of the forest, a unique entity named Florabella existed in harmony with nature's rhythm. A creature of living vegetation, she embodied the beauty and elegance of the flora, appearing as a humanoid girl. Her vibrant green skin shimmered with the texture of leaf veins, and mossy hair cascaded down to her shoulders, completing her ethereal aspect. One blistering midsummer's day, this idyllic tranquility was broken by the unexpected arrival of an Air Witch named Aerilyn, a volatile spirit known to meddle with the harmonies of the natural world for her whims. Florabella had no choice but to face her off to protect her breezy grove. Unfortunately, her elemental skills did not match those of the cunning air sorceress, ending with Florabella succumbing to the witch's power. As a peculiar punishment, Aerilyn decided to affect Florabella, who was outfitted in a bikini made of woven ferns and sunflower petals. The air witch conjured her magical spells, and Florabella felt an unfamiliar sensation envelop her. That's when she started to inflate. Beginning with her bottom, a puff of invisible wind magic from Aerilyn's fingertips touched the surface of the plant girl’s rear lightly, and it began to swell. The woven ferns stretched tautly, straining as she inflated. It was like watching a delicate green balloon expand, as her bottom rounded and bulged outward, growing and growing far larger than it had ever been. Next came Florabella's chest. With a swift motion from Aerilyn, invincible gusts of air curled delicately around Florabella's chest. Her breasts started to inflate as well, the sunflower petals fluttering and quivering as they struggled to contain her expanding bosom. With each passing moment, her chest blew up larger and larger, filling up with air until they ballooned out absurdly. They stretched, tight and round, taking on the appearance of two large beach balls held together by delicate petal strings. Finally, it was her belly's turn. Aerilyn hovered her fingertips over the flat stomach, and a gust of magic seeped out, turning it into a swelling globe. The skin tightened, and the folds of the woven fern bikini stretched to their limits as her stomach continued to inflate. It bloated up and up, expanding into a massive, spherical shape. Throughout the process, Florabella remained completely still, her emerald eyes wide as she watched her body inflate into enormous proportions under Aerilyn's weird punishment. Every inch of her bikini-clad body was inflated, making her look like an unusually bloated balloon. Eventually, Aerilyn ceased her wind magic, and Florabella was left drifting slightly above the ground because of her newfound buoyancy. The whole ordeal was, needless to say, a spectacle of transforming proportions that both Florabella and the natural world around her would remember vividly.

Answered by gpt-4

Oct. 3, 2023, 7:58 p.m.

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Published: Tuesday, October 3, 2023

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