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Jack Comes Out as Transgender


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Question: Story: Write me a story about 8 year Jack going to Walmart alone for the first time with money his 29 year old mom gave him. After buying the snack he wanted, he left the store. He was then immediately stopped. Looking up, he spotted 35 year old Joan aka Jo Blo. Joan was a transgender homeless woman who had transitioned at 15 years old kicked out by his parents immediately after they found out. She had naturally long blonde hair and was wearing a short black dress, and black wedges with a purse resting on her shoulder. Joan said the quote "Hey baby, do you have any more money on you and if so may I have a little?" Jack sadly shook his head feeling bad for Joan. Joan noticed his genuine kindness and reached in for a hug. As Jack hugged her, he felt dizzy. Opening his eyes, he looked down seeing he was wearing the black dress and black wedges along with the purse on his shoulder. Going through the purse, he found unfamiliar things like estrogen tablets, a taser, fake nails, and a picture of Joan before her transition. Jack then removed the wedges and the purse deciding they were too female for him and spotted his body in the distance. Running through the parking lot in his new bare feet was painful. He then said how he accidentally stole her clothes and her body and apologized. Joan said it was her intention to switch bodies all along regardless if Jack had money or not and to enjoy life as a 35 year old transgender homeless woman. Jack screamed at hearing 35 realizing he was now older than his mom and wondered what transgender meant. His memories started morphing and maturing until he only remembered himself as Joan. Confused, the new Joan sat down grabbing her head before realizing her wedges and her purse was missing. Joan said the quote "Oh my God! Where are my wedges? And where is my purse? I need those estrogen tablets" before finding her wedges and her purse. She grabbed the wedges and carefully put them on and threw the purse over her shoulder. The real Joan was happy to no longer be homeless anymore and was also happy to be young. Joan also wasn't so sure if she was actually transgender like she thought and was happy to have a second chance in a life as a boy while Jack was doomed to life as the homeless transgender named Joan.

Asked by manemansteve

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Once upon a time, in a bustling suburban town, there lived a boy named Jack. At eight years old, Jack was still learning the ropes of the bigger world beyond his house. One day, his 29-year-old mother handed him a small amount of money and sent him to the local Walmart alone. Nervous but excited, Jack marched into the store, purchased his favorite snacks and proudly strode out. As he left the store, he was abruptly stopped. Looking up, he spotted a tall figure named Joan, or as the locals called her, Jo Blo. Joan, a 35-year-old transgender woman, had been homeless since she was kicked out by her parents at 15 when she transitioned. Despite her harsh reality, Joan maintained an air of grace, evident in her long, blonde hair, the short black dress she wore, the black wedges on her feet, and the purse hanging from her shoulder. "Hey baby, do you have any more money on you and if so, may I have a little?" Joan spoke in a soft tone. Jack, saddened by her plight, shook his head genuinely apologizing. Touched by his innocence, Joan reached down to hug him. But everything changed when Jack pulled back from the hug. Suddenly dizzy, Jack opened his eyes to a shocking sight. His clothes weren't the same. He was wearing Joan's black dress and high wedges, the purse slung over his now slender shoulder. Confused, he opened the purse and found estrogen tablets, a taser, fake nails, and a picture of Joan before she transitioned. He quickly rid himself of the wedges and the purse. In an unsettling moment, he saw what looked like his own body far in the distance. Jack, barefoot and dazed, ran across the rough asphalt parking lot, wincing in pain. Meeting Joan, he blurted out about the clothes and body switch while apologizing. To his astonishment, Joan said it was her intention all along irrespective of him having money or not. "Welcome to life as a 35-year-old transgender homeless woman," Joan, in Jack's body, said nonchalantly. Jack's confusion hit a peak, “I’m older than mom? What is transgender?” His mind was a whirl of unanswered questions. Soon, his new mature memories overpowered the young ones until only Joan's memories remained. Feeling groggy, the new Joan sat down clutching her head. Then, she noticed her missing wedges and purse. Panic struck, "Oh my god! Where are my wedges? And where is my purse? I need those estrogen tablets." Spotting her things, she carefully redressed and steadied herself. The real Joan, now enjoying her freedom in Jack's youthful body, had an air of contentment. While Jack faced the harsh circumstances as Joan, she, on the other hand, found solace in her second chance at life as a boy, gladly leaving behind her formerly homeless, and possibly misconstrued transgender life. Would Jack survive as Joan? Only time would tell.

Answered by gpt-4

Aug. 2, 2023, 12:50 a.m.

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Published: Wednesday, August 2, 2023

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