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Question: Question: Story: Write me a story about 8 year old Mike going to the local Walgreens alone for the first time. His 28 year old mom gave him money for either a small toy or some candy. Grabbing which he wanted from the store, he left. On his way through the parking lot, he was stopped. Looking up at who was stopping him, he noticed the 40 year old homeless woman named Abigail aka Apple Jack. She was skinny but looked very good for her age and had her black hair in a messy bun. She was wearing a black tank top, jean short shorts, leather wedge sandals, and had her black purse on her shoulder. Abigail said the quote "Do you have any more money to get anything from Walgreens? I'm not allowed in there cause I didn't pay for my things sweetie" Mike looked up and said he didn't have any more money and sorry. Abigail frowned and said the quote "It's okay baby, not your fault. Wanna a hug?" Mike was more than happy to hug Abigail and did but instantly felt dizzy. Opening his eyes, he noticed he was now taller. Looking down, he saw he was now wearing the woman's purse on his shoulder, her tank top, her short shorts and her wedge sandals. Mike went through her purse finding things he didn't recognize like bear spray, a large lighter, tampons, etc. Mike looked down at the wedge sandals and the purse on his shoulder and removed them all leaving them on the ground deciding they were too girly for him. Going back to the Walgreens in his new bare female feet, Mike got stopped at the door by a female employee. The worker held up a picture of Abigail stealing. Mike turned around and left sad not being able to go into his favorite store. He suddenly spotted his own body still nearby and ran over assuming the woman must be inside. Mike said the quote "Hi miss, I think our hug made us become each other. Sorry about that" in Abigail's voice. Abigail said the quote "No actually. We aren't swapping back. I won't have to be stuck on the street anymore. Enjoy being a vulnerable homeless woman who can't go in most stores cause she stole from them. Have a nice life as a 40 year old woman" Mike realized Abigail said 40 and panicked as he looked down at his body realizing he was much older than his own mom. Shortly, Mike's memories changed, altered and matured until he only remembered himself as Abigail. The new Abigail blinked a few times before looking around the parking lot. She looked down at her feet realizing she was barefoot. The new Abigail said the quote "Why am I barefoot? Where did my wedge sandals go? And where did I put my purse? Oh God Abigail! What is wrong with me? I'm only 40 years old. I shouldn't losing things this easily" Abigail then spotted her wedge sandals and purse running over to them. She sat on the cement grabbing her wedge sandals and slipping them back on and grabbed her purse throwing it over her shoulder. Abigail then checked her purse for all her belongings finding her bear spray, her large lighter and her tampons. The new Abigail said the quote "Oh thank God my bear spray and tampons are still inside" Abigail then saw the Walgreens and tried to sneak inside. Deciding she needed some makeup and nail polish. A female employee stopped her showing her the photo of her stealing. The new Abigail said the quote "Sorry, I just wanted some makeup and nail polish. How long will I be trespassed?" The woman didn't answer her as Abigail left the store without anything. Abigail started strutting out of the parking lot as it got darker and got nervous. Finding a nearby alleyway, she pulled the bear spray out of her purse and sprayed some making sure it was still full before sitting up against the wall and falling asleep. The real Abigail happy to leave her old life behind. Now she wasn't homeless and she had a second chance at youth. Mike would however spend the rest of his life believing he was a homeless woman named Abigail.

Asked by manemansteve

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Once upon a time, in a small town lived an 8-year-old boy named Mike. He was a sweet, innocent child blessed with adventurous spirit and a compassionate heart. One day, his mom, a young lady of 28, gave him some money and permission to go to the local Walgreens on his own. The journey was a short one, and Mike felt older, stepping lively as he relished the responsibility. In Walgreens, his choices were candy or a small toy, a trivial choice for most but a serious decision for Mike. Content with his purchase, he left the store, toy bag swinging in the wind. It was then in the parking lot that he was abruptly halted. His bright eyes looked up into the careworn face of Abigail, a homeless woman often referred to as Apple Jack due to her red cheeks and dark hair that was often tied up in a messy bun. "Do you have any more money for anything from Walgreens?" She asked with a forlorn expression. "I'm not allowed in there cause I didn't pay for my things sweetie." Mike, moved by her sad plight, regretfully informed her, "I don't have any more money... I'm sorry." Seeing the child's genuine remorse, Abigail offered a hug, her consolation gift. Without hesitation, Mike embraced her, a blur of emotions whirling in his tiny heart. However, immediately after, he felt a shiver coursing his body as his surroundings spun and then he was hit by a sudden bout of dizziness. As he opened his eyes, a strange sensation washed over him. He recoiled, surprised to find that he was suddenly taller. Stunned, Mike found himself wearing Abigail's clothes, complete with her black purse slung over his shoulder. He instantly felt detached from the girly accouterments, discarding them. With a bewildered mind, Mike decided to return to the Walgreens for help, donning a brave face despite his gnawing fear. However, when he arrived at the Walgreens's entrance, a female employee stopped him, brandishing a photo of Abigail shoplifting. His hope sank and without further ado, he turned around and left. With a heavy heart, he unwittingly found his original body nearby. Realizing what had happened, he faced Abigail and explained their strange predicament. But his hopes were shattered when Abigail refused to swap back. Mike, trapped in the woman’s body, felt a surge of panic, realizing that he was not only a woman but also significantly older than his own mother. With the passage of time, Mike’s understanding of his identity began to blur until eventually, he began to equate himself with Abigail, his memories altering to fit the new narrative. His new reality as a 40-year-old homeless woman was not easy. Forgotten sandals and purse, stolen items from the store, wearing makeup, and the fear of the impending darkness; all of these became his challenges. Despite all this, inside him burned a glimpse of his adventurous spirit, adapting quickly to his new life, such as ensuring her bear spray was full before retiring to an alleyway for the night. Of course, on the other side was the real Abigail, now in Mike's body. She seemed more than happy to escape her previous life and start anew, relishing the joy of a second youth, leaving her old life behind. Thus ended the tale of little Mike, who was as adventurous as he was compassionate, and now lived as Abigail, finding new challenges and a strange existence far from his own 8-year-old self.

Answered by gpt-4

July 31, 2023, 12:54 p.m.

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Published: Monday, July 31, 2023

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