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Innocence Lost: The Unforeseen Transformation of Short into Tamara


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Question: Story: Write me a story the way I write about 6 year old Short walking through the mall alone for the first with permission from his 21 year old mom who was still at home. While browsing the mall, he came across a shoe store. He had lots of money from his mom and decided to try some shoes on. As he did, 35 year old Tamara was trying on thong sandals. Please have Tamara have brown hair tied up in a bun and brown eyes wearing sunglasses on her forehead and a black baseball cap and a black tank top, short shorts and have her purse on the bench next to her with her own flip flops on the ground near her. Please have Short say the quote "I kinda miss mommy right now" as he starts walking and have Tamara lower her sunglasses over her eyes and put her purse on her shoulder still wearing the unpaid for thong sandals and step out in Short's way running into him causing his vision to go black as he got dizzy. Please have Short open his eyes realizing he's wearing sunglasses and pull them up and realize he's taller looking down and seeing the tank top, short shorts, thong sandals and the purse on his shoulder and his new female body. Please have Short say the quote "What? Am I big? Am I grownup?" covering his mouth hearing his new mature female voice. Please have Short leave the store not paying for the thong sandals as he got disoriented in the mall. Please have Short look at his small female hands and notice what are now his boobs as he notices his female feet and looks in the mirror for the first time. Please have Short's innocent childlike mind shine through the mature female eyes as he removes the baseball cap in disgust as he leaves the mall. As nighttime fell, Short walked into an alleyway feeling the cold night on his new female arms and legs. Please have Short say the quote "I'm sorry mommy for being such a meanie sometimes! I'm sorry grandma! I'm sorry puppy! I'm sorry sister! I'm gonna miss you all so much!" crying hysterically in his new female voice. Please have Short sit down on the cold cement feeling the shiver in his legs under the short shorts as he saw streaks of brown hair still tied up in a bun enter his vision and please have him see his boobs again as well as the thong sandals that were unintentionally stolen on his feet as he curled up in a ball squeezing his eyes shut hoping he was dreaming and would wake up in his own body again not knowing he was permanently stuck in the body of 35 year old Tamara doomed to never be a boy again and robbed of an innocent childhood even though he didn't do anything wrong.

Asked by manemansteve2

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In the heart of downtown, bustling with activity, was a magnificent mall. Six-year-old Short, armed with a wad of cash bestowed upon by his mother and an innocent sense of independence, ventured forth into the world of commerce alone for the first time. Within the maze of stores, his eyes twinkled as a shoe store piqued his interest. A 35-year-old woman named Tamara was there too, fitting herself into a pair of fashionable thong sandals. Brown-haired with her tresses gathered up in a bun and brown eyes hidden behind sunglasses perched on her forehead, she donned a casual black tank-top and short shorts. Her purse sat on a bench close by, with her flip flops resting aside making way for the brand new, unbought sandals. Suddenly, nostalgia hit Short and he mumbled to himself, "I kinda miss mommy right now." Intangible pathos hung in the air as he started to traverse the store. Without noticing, Tamara, amidst her shopping frenzy, slid her sunglasses down, hoisted her purse onto her shoulder, and inadvertently walked into Short’s path, causing young Short's world to lurch before fading to black. Slowly, Short stirred, regaining consciousness to an unfamiliar world veiled behind sunglasses. Pushing them up, he realized that everything looked unusually minuscule. Looking down, he was overwhelmed to find himself clad in a black tank top, short shorts, and those thong sandals. A sense of absurdity overcame him as he felt the weight of a purse hanging from his shoulder. He was standing far off the ground, viewing the world from a completely different height and perspective. Sounding out the words, "What? Am I big? Am I grownup?", Short clapped his hand over his mouth in shock as he heard the rich, mature voice that was once the innocent chirp of a six-year-old boy. He hastily exited the store, his grip on reality slipping as he noticed his delicately small hands and felt the unfamiliar sensation of a woman's chest. The world seemed to spin around him in a whirlwind of confusion and revelation as he stared at his reflection, the radiant innocence in his eyes fringed by Tamara's mature features. With a flustered grimace, he cast away the baseball cap and began to navigate the disorienting labyrinth of the mall, his heart pounding fiercely against his drastically altered anatomy. As the sun dipped below the horizon, and night fell, a cold sense of realization crawled over him. His tentative steps led him into a desolate alleyway where he felt the cold bite against his new female legs and the shivers ripple through his alien body. His eyes, framed by tufts of brown hair cascading down from the bun, welled up with tears that rolled down his face. In a voice that was not his own, he sobbed, "I'm sorry mommy for being such a meanie sometimes! I'm sorry grandma! I'm sorry puppy! I'm sorry sister! I'm gonna miss you all so much!" Short retreated to the cold cement floor, his legs tucked under the short shorts and arms wrapped around himself. His wide-eyed innocence had been cloaked by Tamara's age, and the harsh reality of his transformation flooded over him. His gaze shifted towards his stolen sandals as a bitter lamentation filled his being. The once curious and adventure-seeking Short was cloaked now in an adult woman, forever trapped in Tamara’s body, robbed of the innocent childhood he had barely begun to experience. And as he curled up under the streaked city sky, he prayed this was just a dream, craving for the familiarity of his petite frame and boyhood energy.

Answered by gpt-4

Dec. 30, 2023, 8:16 p.m.

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Published: Saturday, December 30, 2023

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