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Unexpected Transformations: Short's Journey through the Mall


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Question: Story: Write me a story the way I write about 6 year old Short walking through the mall alone for the first with permission from his 21 year old mom who was still at home. While browsing the mall, he came across a shoe store. He had lots of money from his mom and decided to try some shoes on. As he did, 35 year old Tamara was trying on thong sandals. Please have Tamara have brown hair tied up in a bun and brown eyes wearing sunglasses on her forehead and a black baseball cap and a black tank top, short shorts and have her purse on the bench next to her with her own flip flops on the ground near her. Please have Short say the quote "I kinda miss mommy right now" as he starts walking and have Tamara lower her sunglasses over her eyes and put her purse on her shoulder still wearing the unpaid for thong sandals and step out in Short's way running into him causing his vision to go black as he got dizzy. Please have Short open his eyes realizing he's wearing sunglasses and pull them up and realize he's taller looking down and seeing the tank top, short shorts, thong sandals and the purse on his shoulder and his new female body. Please have Short say the quote "What? Am I big? Am I grownup?" covering his mouth hearing his new mature female voice. Please have Short leave the store not paying for the thong sandals as he got disoriented in the mall. Please have Short look at his small female hands and notice what are now his boobs as he notices his female feet and looks in the mirror for the first time. Please have Short's innocent childlike mind shine through the mature female eyes as he removes the baseball cap in disgust as he leaves the mall. As nighttime fell, Short walked into an alleyway feeling the cold night on his new female arms and legs. Please have Short say the quote "I'm sorry mommy for being such a meanie sometimes! I'm sorry grandma! I'm sorry puppy! I'm sorry sister! I'm gonna miss you all so much!" crying hysterically in his new female voice. Please have Short say the quote "It's so dark and scary! The monsters are gonna get me!" before hearing a loud crash and breaking glass nearby causing Short to jump and shake in fear. Please have Short sit down on the cold ground feeling the cold on his legs under the short shorts and the cold on his arms as he saw streaks of brown hair still tied up in a bun enter his vision and please have him see his boobs again as well as the thong sandals that were on his new female feet as he curled up in a ball squeezing his eyes shut hoping he was dreaming and would wake up in his own body again not knowing he was permanently stuck in the body of 35 year old Tamara doomed to never be a boy again and robbed of an innocent childhood even though he didn't do anything wrong.

Asked by manemansteve2

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In the luminescent glow of the bustling mall, 6 years old Short, if not for the tacit approval from his 21 year old mom, had been exploring all by himself. As he wandered, his eyes captured the sight of a shoe store. He had pockets sagging with money from his mother and was eager to try on some new footwear. Short's exploration coincided with the late morning errands of 35-year-old Tamara. Her brown hair was stylishly tied in a bun with sunglasses resting on her forehead like a crown, and her head was adorned with a black baseball cap. She wore a black tank top, short shorts, and a purse draped over her shoulder, casually seated on a bench with her flip flops on the ground. Feeling the emptiness of size, Short muttered to himself, "I kinda miss mommy right now." As he began to drift away from the store, Tamara, in a hurry, left her sunglasses over her eyes and her purse over her shoulder, swiftly put on the unclaimed thong sandals, and accidentally bumped into Short. His world spun and then faded to black. Upon awakening, Short found himself strangely taller and his vision obscured by sunglasses, which he abruptly pulled up. Much to his surprise, he was now peering over a black tank top, worn by his mature female body. His small, previously boyish hands were now smooth and slender, gripping onto a stylish purse. His feet were clad in Tamara's thong sandals, and he was standing there, struck with a sense of both bewilderment and shock. "What? Am I big? Am I grownup?" his voice had mutated into a newfound mature timbre, stunning Short. Stunned, Short unsteadily stepped out of the store, unnoticed by the store attendants and wandered aimlessly inside the mall. He gazed at his newly female feet and hands and his eyes opened wide upon realizing the new feminine silhouette he now owned. Upon catching a glimpse in a nearby mirror, the essence of his youth was still reflected through those brown mature eyes, the only hint of the boy he used to be. An overwhelming sense of disgust swelled up inside him as he removed the baseball cap before he eventually managed to find his way out of the mall. The cold night left goosebumps on his bare arms and legs, and illuminated by the flickering streetlights, Short found an empty alleyway to recollect himself. "I'm sorry mommy for being such a meanie sometimes! I'm sorry grandma! I'm sorry puppy! I'm sorry sister! I'm gonna miss you all so much!" He broke into sobs with his newfound voice echoing through the silent alleyway. Upon hearing a loud shattering noise of glass nearby, he was startled. "It's so dark and scary! The monsters are gonna get me!" he exclaimed, now feeling delicate and vulnerable. Short hurriedly sat down on the cold pavement, his legs radiating with the biting cold through his short shorts. As he curled up, a few strands of bun-tied brown hair came into his view, along with his new feminine form. With mingled feelings of fear and disbelief, he desperately clung onto the hope of this being just a dream. But, it was not to be a dream. He was irreversibly stuck in the body of Tamara. Short had lost his cherished boyhood unexpectedly and was now bound to carry on his existence in the body of a woman he barely knew, a cruel turn of events for someone who hadn't done anything to deserve such a fate.

Answered by gpt-4

Dec. 30, 2023, 11:46 p.m.

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Published: Saturday, December 30, 2023

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