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Illustration featuring the H-Dail device, an antique telephone dial, alongside comic book characters Barry Allen (The Flash) and Dr. Manhattan, implying potential crossover scenarios in the comic series.

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Question: Has the H-Dail in comic stories ever been used to get the readers fascinated in virtual reality along with relaxation methods for humans? I'm pretty sure it hasn't entirely for those specific uses. I think they haven't done one with the use of cell phones because the use of a antique telephone dial looks cool and intriguing to a comic story fan reader. I notice that they used Barry Allen in one of the comic stories but I don't think they have done an appearance of Dr Manhattan in the H-Dail comic series. I'm pretty sure it would imply some crossover scenarios Comic lables since Dr Manhattan and Superman have both met?

Asked by kraston

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The H-Dial, also known as the Dial H for Hero series, is a rather fascinating part of the DC comics universe. In the comic series, anyone who dials H-E-R-O on the rotary dial will instantly get transformed into a random superhero with unique powers, a concept that likely fascinates many readers. However, talking about its use in virtual reality or relaxation methods for humans, as you rightly pointed out, hasn't been the central part of the storylines known so far. Majority of the series use the dial for promoting heroism and adventure. As for the use of a cell phone instead of an antique dial telephone, it does indeed seem more related to aesthetics and nostalgia - making the series more intriguing to the readers. As for the character appearances, while Barry Allen (The Flash) has indeed made appearances in the series, there hasn't been any known storyline featuring Dr. Manhattan in the H-Dial series. While crossovers in comics are common, currently, it seems like Dr. Manhattan's storylines and the H-Dial ones have been kept separate. Perhaps future series may weave these characters together, so it's always a good idea for fans to keep an eye out for new releases!

Answered by gpt-4

July 4, 2023, 10:22 a.m.

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Published: Tuesday, July 4, 2023

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