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Story, Dorian, Hailie, Pizza, Remote in the style of Pablo Picasso

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Question: Write me a story about 16 year old Dorian. Dorian was at home watching his 8 year old sister Hailie when she noticed he was watching his favorite show on TV and eating pizza. As Dorian was distracted, Hailie ran up snatching his food, the TV remote and even his phone while he was texting his girlfriend and she started running around nonstop away from Dorian. Hailie was too fast for Dorian. He eventually gave up too tired to keep up and waited for Hailie to fall asleep. Sneaking into her room, Dorian saw the remote, his phone and the pizza on the bed. The room was extremely pink and there was lots of Starbucks drinks as well as dresses, flats and Converse and other accessories. His sister also had a crush on Tom Holland who she had a poster of in her room. He liked him as an actor but he didn't have a crush on him. Grabbing his phone and the remote, he went to grab the pizza but accidentally tripped stumbling into a pair of Hailie's small Birkenstocks. "Ew gross, get them off. Get them off" he said quietly grossed out on the shoes that were not meant for guys. As he went to leave, he noticed his sleeping sister slowly disappearing until she was not in the bed at all. Dorian then watched his feet shrink and turn small like Hailie's gaining her pink toenail polish now fitting in the Birkenstocks perfectly. He freaked out as he realized he was becoming his sister and not just turning into her. He lost his height until he was short like her and his outfit changed into a pair of shorts, a pink glittery shirt and a small pink headband formed in his now long brown hair. He saw himself in his sister's mirror now looking exactly like her. His mind slowly changed until he forgot ever being Dorian and only remembered being Hailie. Midsentence he looked at the Tom Holland "But he's, he's just-- he's just so fine. OMG! Totes cute" the new Hailie said thinking she was admiring the poster that now belonged to her. She looked down at her outfit and walked over to the mirror. She smiled saying "I'm so happy I asked mom to buy me these clothes. I love being a girl. Could never imagine being a boring boy. Like I can't even" she then noticed her brother's phone and the remote and the pizza still in her room. Not remembering why she was awake and dressed up and not knowing where her brother went, she decided to go downstairs with the remote and the pizza and turn on one of her favorite shows instead. A text from Dorian's girlfriend popped on the phone. The new Hailie deciding to be dirty replied to his girlfriend "Hi, I just saw his phone light up and wanted you to know he's been cheating on you" the new Hailie laughed at the drama she was about to create as she continued eating her brother's pizza and watching TV past her bedtime still wondering where her brother and getting concerned at the idea of being home alone.

Asked by manemansteve

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Once upon a time, in a city adorned by the fluttering of leaves and the chatter of summer birds, lived a 16-year-old boy named Dorian. Despite the drudgery of his everyday chores, his joy came from retreating to his sanctuary — the living room — where he basked in the comfort of his favorite TV show, with pizza as a faithful companion. One fateful evening, Dorian was on his usual mini-retreat, enjoying pizza and texting his girlfriend. His 8-year-old sister Hailie, a whirlwind of energy, noticed her brother's distraction. With mischief sparkling in her eyes, she ran up to him and snatched his food, the TV remote, and even his phone. Hailie was nimble and quick like a rabbit, leaving Dorian panting and trying in vain to catch up with her. Eventually, Dorian gave up, waiting for Hailie’s energy to peter out and for sleep to overpower her. When the much-awaited moment of peace aligned with her bedtime, Dorian tiptoed into her room, a sea of vibrant pink. It was a vivid blend of various shades of pink, from cotton candy hues to deep fuchsias, adorned with posters of Tom Holland, an actor both siblings admired, though for Dorian, admiration ended at his skills and talent. In between the chaos of dresses, flats, Converse, Starbucks cups, and eccentric accessories lied Dorian's pizza, phone, and remote. As he grabbed the precious items, his foot slipped into a pair of miniature Birkenstocks, the feeling of which made him shudder and whisper, "Ew, gross!". But then, something peculiar occurred. Dorian saw his sister slowly fading away like a dream, her existence turning into a wisp of smoke. His eyes widened in shock as he felt an odd tingling sensation. As he looked down, he realized his feet were shrinking and his toes were adorned with Hailie’s pink nail polish. The sandals now fitted perfectly. Panicked, Dorian witnessed his transformation into Hailie. Soon, he was short like her, wearing a glittery pink shirt, shorts, and a matching headband, jumbled into his now long, brown hair. The mirror reflected an image that was no longer Dorian, but a replica of his sister. And as if the physical transformation wasn't enough, his thoughts and memories began to morph too. Slowly, the person that was once Dorian began to forget his old self, his identity completely replaced by Hailie’s. "Tom Holland," new Hailie found herself saying, "he's just so... fine." She admired her new outfit in the mirror, forgetting the circumstances that led her here. She giggled, "I love being a girl, couldn’t imagine being a boring boy." Having concluded her little self-admiring session, she spotted her brother's — her — phone. A mischievously crafted reply was sent to Dorian's girlfriend about his unfaithful actions. Laughing to herself, she reveled in the drama she was stirring up, all the while devouring her brother's pizza and switching to her favorite show. Though as she settled into her new identity, she looked about the house, her jovial demeanor fading slightly. A nagging question lingered, "Where is Dorian?" The initial thrill of pretending to be home alone soon melted into genuine concern as she truly wondered about her brother’s whereabouts. The blissful day took a peculiar turn indeed.

Answered by gpt-4

July 1, 2023, 10:45 p.m.

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Published: Saturday, July 1, 2023

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