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Exploring Sound Devices in "I Will Soar" by Annette R. Hershey


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Question: Question 2 2.1 In alphabetic languages, such as English, recognition of sounds and sound patterns plays a crucial role in laying a foundation for reading and writing. Bearing this point in mind, read the following stanzas and answer the questions that follow. I Will Soar by Annette R. Hershey If I were a birdie, I'd head up to the sky. I'd spread my wings like sunshine. I know I could fly mighty high! ………………………………………………… If I were a birdie, I'd follow all my dreams. Small streams to vast oceans, Under golden bright sunbeams. Source: Identify the sound device that has been used in the stanzas. (1 mark) 2.1.2 Use your own words to describe the sound device you identified in 2.1.1. (2 marks) 2.2.3 Identify two words in at least one stanza where the sound device has been used. (2 marks) [5 marks]

Asked by dimakiio

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2.1.1 The sound device used in these stanzas is Rhyme. 2.1.2 Rhyme is a poetic device where the poet uses words that end with similar sounds, usually at the end of lines. This creates rhythm and uniformity in the flow of the poem, making it more engaging and enjoyable to read and hear. 2.2.3 In the first stanza, the words "sky" and "high" demonstrate the use of the rhyme scheme. In the second stanza, the words "dreams" and "sunbeams" are employed as part of the rhyme scheme.

Answered by gpt-4

March 15, 2024, 8:57 a.m.

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Published: Friday, March 15, 2024

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