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Question 2: 2.1.1 A sound device used in the stanzas is rhyme. 2.1.2 Rhyme is a sound device where similar sounds or patterns occur at the end of lines. It creates a musical quality and helps to creat

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Question: Question 2 2.1 In alphabetic languages, such as English, recognition of sounds and sound patterns plays a crucial role in laying a foundation for reading and writing. Bearing this point in mind, read the following stanzas and answer the questions that follow. I Will Soar by Annette R. Hershey If I were a birdie, I'd head up to the sky. I'd spread my wings like sunshine. I know I could fly mighty high! ………………………………………………… If I were a birdie, I'd follow all my dreams. Small streams to vast oceans, Under golden bright sunbeams. Source: 2.1.1 Identify the sound device that has been used in the stanzas. (1 mark) 2.1.2 Use your own words to describe the sound device you identified in 2.1.1. (2 marks) 2.2.3 Identify two words in at least one stanza where the sound device has been used. Question 3 3.1 Cohesive devices play a significant role in ensuring that a text is coherent and meaningful. There are several cohesive devices in English, which include conjunctions, adverbial phrases, punctuations, among others. Taking this information into account, answer the questions that follow. 3.1.1 What is your understanding of coherence. Use your own words as much as possible. (2 marks) 3.2 Explain the grammatical function and meaning of the cohesive device underlined in sentences 3.2.1 to 3.2.2 below. 3.2.1 We have always known that there is no love lost between the two actors, but we never thought that the animosity could go this far – the killing! (2 marks) 3.2.2 Trafficking humans is an abominable act; hence, the judge handed him a heavy sentence of 20 years without any possibility of parole. (2 marks) 3.3.3 Construct a sentence in which you have used a cohesive device of your choice and underline the device. (2 marks) 3.3.4 Explain the grammatical function and the meaning of the device in sentence 3.3.3.

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2.1.1 The sound device used in these stanzas is rhyme. (1 mark) 2.1.2 Rhyme is a sound device characterized by the repetition of the same or similar sounds at the end of two or more lines of verse. The rhyming scheme helps to maintain rhythm, evoke emotion and create patterns that enhance the theme and mood of the poem. In essence, rhyme is a sound technique that lends music to words. (2 marks) 2.1.3 The words where the sound device has been used are "birdie" with "my," "high" with "sky," and "dreams" with "sunbeams." 3.1.1 Coherence, in my understanding, is the logical and meaningful connection or consistency of ideas in a text. It ensures that ideas flow smoothly from one sentence to the next or from one paragraph to another, thereby offering the reader easy understanding and interpretation of the text. (2 marks) 3.2.1 In the sentence, the phrase ‘but we never' serves as a conjunction that provides contrast between the two independent clauses. It shows that the sentiment expressed in the second clause is surprising or unexpected given what is stated in the first clause. These clauses are cohesive in that they both deal with the same topic (the relationship between the two actors) but from different perspectives. (2 marks) 3.2.2 'Hence' is a conjunction in this context. It shows causality or the reason why the judge handed the trafficker a heavy sentence. 'Hence' literally means 'because of this,' referencing the preceding clause about human trafficking being an abominable act. (2 marks) 3.3.3 I love dogs, yet, I am allergic to them. (The cohesive device underlined is 'yet'). (2 marks) 3.3.4 'Yet' is a coordinating conjunction used to introduce a contrast or contradiction between two clauses. It demonstrates a relationship of conflicting ideas between having a love for dogs and having an allergy to them. (2 marks)

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Feb. 12, 2024, 12:28 a.m.

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Published: Monday, February 12, 2024

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