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Poem, Love, Guarded, Country, Girl in the style of Pablo Picasso

Ask AI: Can you write me a poem about loving a guarded country girl


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Question: Can you write me a poem about loving a guarded country girl

Asked by dave5

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In the heart of the rustic valley's fold, There resides a country girl, strong and bold. Her spirit, like her landscape, free and wide, With guarded heart, where secrets reside. Beneath her hat, eyes like sapphire stars, Twinkling amidst the hay and old farm cars. She lives not in palaces of gold, But in green fields and stories untold. A country girl, sturdy as the oak, Wrapped in plaid and a veil of smoke. Her heart, a fortress, hard to get, Yet worth every struggle, every sweat. Eternal as the mountains in her sight, She stands her ground with all her might. Love her, takes more than a charming prince, It takes trials, patience and not a flinch. Loving her is like taming wildflower in the spring, A challenge like country songs they sing. Her wild soul, free as the morning bird, Her love clandestine, spoken without a word. Riding through her veins, the love for her land, In this love, be her companion, hand-in-hand. Respect her roots, her country ties, Witness love in her blue-sky eyes. Moving with the rhythm of the country tide, With your love, let her confide. In the dance of the dusk, under the moon's curve, Win a country girl's heart with your nerve. With patience, let her defenses fall, Whisper love under the stars' call, Soon you'll hear the melody emerge, A country love song, where two hearts converge.

Answered by gpt-4

Aug. 12, 2023, 4:26 p.m.

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Published: Saturday, August 12, 2023

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