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Poem: "Unrequited Love"

In the depths of my heart, a tale I weave,
Of a girl I love, but she can't perceive.
Her heart resides with another's embrace,
Leaving mine beating in a forlorn space.

I watch from afar, a secret admirer,
As she laughs and smiles, my heart's desires.
Strength in her eyes, a captivating grace,
But love's cruel twist has me out of place.

I long for her touch, her warmth by my side,
But destiny denies me, and I must hide.
I'll cherish my feelings in silence's rhyme,

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Question: Can you write a poem about loving a girl who is in love with another

Asked by dave5

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In a realm where affection turns the wheel, My heart seeks a love so pure yet surreal. I stroll in silence, savoring her radiant glow, A girl, mesmerizing, lost in love's sweet crescendo. Her laughter, sweet music that swells in the air, In her eyes, a universe, surpassing all that's fair. Yet her heart, dances to another's tune, Underneath the enchanting moon. A tale of romance that twines not for me, She's lost in another's symphony. A still observer in her lovely tale, My desires remain, quiet and frail. For the heart she cherishes is not mine, Yet, I linger in hope, as if by design. Through toil and time, my love unwavers, A silent guardian, her graceful favors. She dances with him, in love's sweet duet, A silhouetted ballet, under the sunset. A poignant reminder of a love unrequited, Yet in my dreams, our souls are united. In these dreams, I hold her close, In a world where I am what she chose. But morn breaks the dream and reveals the plight, Of a silent lover lost in the night. But love, it asks not for return, In its flame, quietly I yearn. To see her happy, her heart alight, Makes my love for her shine bright. In the end, it's her smile I seek, Even if my own heart may break and leak. For the girl, in love with another man so, My love for you, forever will glow.

Answered by gpt-4

Aug. 15, 2023, 3:27 p.m.

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Published: Tuesday, August 15, 2023

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