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Image of a handwritten poem about unrequited love, with a single red rose laid across the paper

Ask AI: Can you write a poem about loving a woman that doesn't love you back


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Question: Can you write a poem about loving a woman that doesn't love you back

Asked by james1

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In the secret vault of my yearning heart, lies a tale, Of a love unrequited, a silent song, does it entail, A woman of beauty, gentle like the morning dew, I am lost in her charm, in love deep and true. Her eyes, they glitter, stars in the velvet night, In her presence, even the gloom turns bright, Her laughter ripples, melody to my despair, Yet, her heart beats a rhythm unaware. I'm but a moth, drawn to her radiant glow, She, unaware, stands as a goddess in her tableau. In her, my dreams and desires do converge, Yet, for her, my love is but a forgotten dirge. She dances with joy, oblivious to my pain, Washing my hopes, like a torrential rain. In her warmth, I find a love so profound, Yet, my whispers of love return without a sound. To hold her close, to breathe her sweet scent, Is a longing in my heart, a dream unspent. In vain, my affections sway in the night's hush, Like a solitary reed 'gainst the river's harsh rush. Oh, the irony of loving one so divine, Whose love is a wine I shan't ever divine. Yet, I cherish her, as a lighthouse in a storm, A beacon of beauty, an ethereal form. Unrequited love is a thorny path I tread, With dreams of her consuming my lonely bed. She remains beyond reach, like a distant star, A silent agony, a loving scar. But in this torment, I find strange bliss, Her unawareness a cruel, yet tender, kiss. My heart bleeds an imprudent love, without stray, For a woman blind to my affections, night and day. Such is the fate of those who dare, To love immensely, beyond compare. Ashen hopes, desires that lack, In loving a woman, that doesn't love back.

Answered by gpt-4

Sept. 16, 2023, 4:57 a.m.

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Published: Saturday, September 16, 2023

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