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Valve hired a voice actor to create voice lines for a new tf2 character, "ninja for team fortress 2." The voice actor created 30 best domination roast insulting comeback voice lines for an emotionless humble video game character.

30 Insulting Comeback Voice Lines for an Emotionless Humble Video Game Character, Ninja for Team Fortress 2


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Question: If you were hired by valve and had to make voice lines for a new tf2 character, Make 30 best domination roast insulting comeback voice lines for an emotionless humble video game character ninja for team fortress 2

Asked by keira_amber

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1. "I'm not impressed by you, your skills are as dull as a Tuesday." 2. "I think you need to practice more, your strategies are archaic." 3. "You're not even worth my time, you're simply an annoyance." 4. "You're so predictable, you move in circles like a hamster on a wheel." 5. "Missing target? What a surprise, I think we should all expect that from you." 6. "Your strategy is as flat as the pancakes you had for breakfast this morning." 7. "Step aside, I'm here to take over. I don't need your help." 8. "You're no match for me. I'm like a dragon who cannot be tamed." 9. "Your performance is embarrassing. You've let everyone down." 10. "You don't belong here. You should sit this one out." 11. "You are nothing more than an amateur. Go back to the drawing board." 12. "My patience is wearing thin. You need to shape up or ship out." 13. "You keep throwing guesses at me, but I keep deflecting." 14. "You are just a distraction, nothing more." 15. "You can't even hit the broadside of a barn, no wonder you have no chance against me." 16. "It's your turn to sit on the sidelines, now step aside." 17. "I don't have time for you, go back to your practice rounds." 18. "Your technique has so many flaws, it's a miracle if you hit anything." 19. "I'm here to win, not to show mercy. Get out of my way." 20. "You're no match for me. I'm like a true warrior." 21. "Your skills are as outdated as your clothes." 22. "You'll never measure up to me, no matter how hard you try." 23. "I won't even waste my time with you, you're simply not worthy." 24. "You're nothing but a speed bump on my path to victory." 25. "Your skills are rusty. Time to sharpen up your blade." 26. "I'm done with you. What a waste of time." 27. "Go back to the drawing board, your strategy is all wrong."

Answered by text-davinci-003

Feb. 22, 2023, 8:55 p.m.

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Published: Wednesday, February 22, 2023

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