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Tarot de Marseille is special because it is the only tarot deck that has been specifically designed for the Marseille region.

Ask AI: Why tarot de Marseille is so special?


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Question: Why tarot de Marseille is so special?

Asked by bubuka101022

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Tarot de Marseille is special because it is one of the oldest surviving tarot decks in existence. It has immense historical value and is thought to have originated in the region of southern France during the 15th century. The deck is known for its intricate, hand-painted designs, which are said to contain ancient symbols with deep meanings. This is especially significant to modern tarot readers, as the images in Tarot de Marseille can help to provide guidance and offer insights that are not as easily accessed through more modern tarot decks.

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Published: Tuesday, December 20, 2022

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