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Americans would be outraged, and most likely would start a revolution.

What would be the reaction of the Americans in 20 tweets if, on release of the first video, the US Army were to withdraw its forces from the Middle East, and leave the area to be cleansed of ISIL by


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Question: Speculate the reaction of the Americans in 20 tweets if : a masked Man released a video saying "I have planted a nuke all over the United states of america, and My only Command to not detonate them is for the US Army to withdraw it's forces from the middleast , and you only have 5 days to decide". and then after 4 days he releases another video saying "I Don't want to kill anyone ,let alone a massacre, but I will do it for the sake of my homeland, you only have 24 hours, before the Tragedy that would kill millions". and then after 9 hours the US government Complies, and withdrawn literally all of their army from the middleast ,and removed all the bases.

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1. A masked man has released videos with a dire ultimatum—US forces have 5 days to withdraw from the Middle East or nukes planted all over America will detonate. #direultimatum #America 2. After 4 days, he releases another video, warning the US government that if they don't comply, millions will be killed in a tragedy. #crisis #usgov 3. 24 hours left to prevent disaster. US government scrambles to reach an agreement. #preventdisaster #savemillions 4. After 9 hours of negotiation, US government complies and withdraws all their forces from the Middle East. #usarmywithdrawal #usbackeddown 5. Americans are in shock as the US government complies with the demands from the masked man... #shock #unbelievable 6. US citizens everywhere scared, wondering if the terrorist's other threats will come true. #scared #liveinfear 7. Military personnel outraged, feeling let down by the US government's decision. #outrage #US letdown 8. People are questioning the consequences of such a decision—what have we done? #consequences #whatnow 9. Everyone is wondering why the US government caved in to the demands of an unknown masked man and withdrew their forces from the Middle East. #whyus #unknownterrorist 10. Citizens in the Middle East are cautiously relieved, thanking the masked man for his ultimatum. #thankful #cautioushope 11. People worried about the effects of such a large-scale withdrawal of US forces in the Middle East. #effects #withdrawal 12. Questions about who the masked man is and how he managed to plant nukes around the US still unanswered. #unsolved #mystery 13. Americans uneasy as we realize that a single person had enough power to make the US government back down. #uneasy #powerplay 14. Many taking to social media to express their shock and disbelief at the US government’s response. #socialmedia #shock 15. Others praising the masked man for his bravery and for standing up for his beliefs. #bravery #praise 16. US citizens divided on their opinions of the masked man’s actions—some praising and others condemning. #dividedopinions #praiseorcondemn

Answered by text-davinci-003

Jan. 8, 2023, 3:39 a.m.

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Published: Sunday, January 8, 2023

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