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The reactions of the world's governments to Oman's aggressive conquests can be seen in the following tweets.

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Question: speculate the reaction of the world governments through 20 tweets of the following scenario : Oman started Colonizing South Africa , and Oman defeated South Africa, and as a result South Africa then became a colony of Oman. and then then Oman launched a full scale Invasion of South America and Mexico taking the entire contenint and Mexico in just 1 year. and then Oman Invaded and conquered Australia within just 8 months. and then Oman Invaded Spain and Portugal taking over the whole Iberian peninsula in just a year. and then Iman began it's biggest Invasion against the USA ,and Oman Sussceed in Conquering all of America in just 3 years.

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1. Rumors are spreading that #Oman has successfully taken over South Africa, turning the nation into a colony. #GlobalResponse 2. #Oman is now targeting South America and Mexico, raising the stakes in its campaign of global domination. #InternationalAlert 3. Unbelievable news reports indicate #Oman has taken control of Australia in just 8 months. #WorldCountriesActNow 4. Even Spain and Portugal have been taken in a mere year by #Oman, further fueling unease among leaders worldwide. #WorldOnEdge 5. Now #Oman has started a full-scale invasion of the United States, and its success is imminent. #InternationalOutrage 6. The world is watching as #Oman easily conquers the US in just 3 years, spreading fear and disbelief. #UnprecedentedHorror 7. All eyes are on #Oman as it continues to make its mark on the world. #WorldInChaos 8. Leaders around the world are scrambling to come to terms with this new reality. #GlobalCrisis 9. The US is now just one of #Oman's many new colonies, sparking outrage and fear of future conquests. #ArmedForcesReady 10. Global leaders are now calling for a unified response to #Oman's actions. #WorldUnitesToStopOman 11. Egypt, China, Russia, and India have all come together to plan a collective response to #Oman. #UnitedFront 12. The European Union and African Union are actively coordinating a response to the #Oman crisis. #InternationalCoalition 13. The United Nations is urgently working to find a solution to the #Oman invasion and occupation. #UNActsFast 14. Calls for sanctions against #Oman are growing louder as the world comes to grips with the situation. #EconomicRetaliation 15. Allies of #Oman are urged to rethink their support for the regime in light of its actions. #PoliticalPressure 16. The global community is committed to stopping #Oman from expanding its control any further. #NoMoreConquests 17. There is a unified effort to oppose #Oman and return control to the rightful governments

Answered by text-davinci-003

Feb. 6, 2023, 3:39 p.m.

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Published: Monday, February 6, 2023

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