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A person is feeling upset about a bad thing, but holds on a little longer and doesn't give in to the negative thoughts. They remember "this too shall pass" and become successful, but don't become boastful because this too shall pass. They may be feeling lonely, fearful of betrayal or loss, or rejection, or death, etc., but remember "this too shall pass." Good or bad events, don't let them take a toll on you. Take some time for yourself and win yourself some time.

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Question: Write a philosophical poem from. (Do replace This too shall pass = TTSP) : You feel upset about a bad thing, hold on a little longer don't give in remember "this too shall pass"(TTSP), you're becoming successful, but don't become boastful because remember TTSP. Feeling lonely TTSP, fear of betrayal or loss or rejection, death, pain, isolation whatever is it but TTSP, whatever happens don't forget this too shall pass. Good events or be it bad, don't let them take a toll on you. Time is testing you. Win yourself some time .

Asked by nandini

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In moments dark, when shadows loom, And an oppressive cloud consumes, Hold on! For light shall pierce the darkness too: This truth remains, TTSP, it's true. With each step climbed towards success, In arrogance, do not regress; For pride, a fleeting dance shall prance, Embrace the truth, TTSP, this stance. The pang of loneliness, the tears, So heavy, burdened by our fears, Yet stars emerge from the darkest skies, And with this truth, we'll rise: TTSP. When loss, betrayal, cold despair, Entwine the heart with sadness' snare, Find solace in this steadfast phrase, The reminder shines: TTSP, always. In each and every circumstance, The rain or sun, the pain or dance, The common thread, the lifeline grasp, The ever-present: TTSP, past and last. Time, the tester of our soul, Seeks triumphs, moments to console, Yet amidst the trials, as you climb, Win yourself strength – for time is thine. No matter how the tide may churn, Nor shadows rise, nor sun may burn, Stand firm, hold fast, and ever know, This too shall pass, just let it go.

Answered by gpt-4

May 20, 2023, 8:44 p.m.

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Published: Saturday, May 20, 2023

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