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Illustration of a vibrant urban plaza with diverse people engaged in activities that improve the quality of urban life

Ask AI: The "Global Public Space" Toolkit Enrolled To do Quality of Urban Life through Public Space

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Question: The "Global Public Space" Toolkit Enrolled To do Quality of Urban Life through Public Space

Asked by pratik

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To improve the quality of urban life through public spaces, you have to consider various strategies. Here are some points to guiding principles and actions: 1. **Promote Inclusivity**: Ensure that the spaces are accessible to everyone, regardless of their demographic. It should be open to all ages, sexes, abilities, ethnicities, social and economic groups, etc. 2. **Prioritize Safety and Comfort**: Public spaces should be safe and comfortable places for people to gather. Factors such as good lighting, clear sightlines, controlled traffic, clean environment, and comfortable seating can contribute to safety and comfort. 3. **Program Activities**: Public spaces thrive on activities that engage people. It could be seasonal events, markets, performances, art installations, or play areas. Regular activities can help to create a vibrant community around these spaces. 4. **Integrate Nature**: Incorporating aspects of nature like trees, water features, and gardens makes an urban space more attractive and can improve the mental well-being of the occupants. 5. **Plan for Mobility**: Public spaces need to be accessible by walking, cycling, and public transport. 6. **Local Identity and Culture**: The design of the public space should reflect the local culture and identity. This helps to foster a sense of ownership and belonging among the community. 7. **Sustainability**: Using sustainable design principles ensures that the area is energy efficient, uses sustainable materials, and has a limited impact on the environment. 8. **Collaboration and Participation**: It's important to involve the local community in the planning and development process. They can provide invaluable insight into the area’s needs, concerns, and aspirations. 9. **Maintenance and Management**: A well-maintained space is significant for its success. Regular cleaning, fixing broken infrastructure, and ensuring that amenities are in good condition are all part of good management. In the context of the "Global Public Space Programme", you might want to explore case studies for improving public spaces and use the best practices from these findings as input for your own framework. This program, launched by UN-Habitat, provides resources, tools, and expertise to help cities promote sustainable urban development through public spaces.

Answered by gpt-4

Nov. 18, 2023, 5:52 a.m.

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Published: Saturday, November 18, 2023

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