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Illustration of a girl with three heads studying intensely for her college entry exam

Ask AI: Tell me a story about a girl wishes she was three times smarter to pass her college entry exam wakes up with three heads a week before the test!

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Question: Tell me a story about a girl wishes she was three times smarter to pass her college entry exam wakes up with three heads a week before the test!

Asked by Antant

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Once upon a time, in a bustling town filled with high school students preparing for their college exams, lived a diligent and ambitious girl named Amelia. She was a bright student, but not quite as confident in her abilities as everyone else was. In her mind, there was a nagging doubt that she wasn't smart enough to ace her college entry exam. One night, while meticulously revising her notes, she stared longingly at her reflection in the mirror and whispered, "I wish I was three times smarter; only then could I pass this exam." The next morning, Amelia awoke feeling strange. She reached up and felt something startling. Instead of her usual head, she discovered three! She rushed to the mirror and found she indeed had three heads. Each head looked exactly like her, only with slightly different hair styles. Amelia was initially terrified, but soon realized that each head could think independently, effectively making her three times smarter. Each head focused on different subjects - one was an expert in Mathematics, another in Science, and the third in Literature. There was a newfound sense of brilliance in her thoughts, and she began to revise with renewed vigor. The days before the exam passed quickly as she dove into her studies utilizing her three heads. However, Amelia also noticed some downsides - her heads would argue, making it difficult to reach an agreement at times. Plus, keeping three heads under a cloak while going out was a huge hassle. As the exam day approached, Amelia locked herself away, studying fervently. The arguments among her heads gradually ceased as they realized the importance of their collective goal. When the day of the exam finally arrived, Amelia was nervous but ready. With the heads working in harmony, Amelia sailed through her college entry exam. Each head worked removing doubts, solving problems, and pondering questions too tricky for the average person. It was an experience unlike any other, and Amelia knew it was a success. The day after her exam, she woke up to find she was back to having just one head. The wish she had made had only lasted for a week. But she no longer had any doubt about her intellect, having experienced what it was like to be three times smarter. In due time, Amelia received her college entry exam results — she had passed with flying colors. She realized that she was her own limitation, that she was smart enough but lacked the confidence. From then on, Amelia tackled life with a newfound courage, believing strongly in her abilities, and prepared herself to face the challenges that college would inevitably bring. In the end, Amelia learned a powerful lesson about self-confidence, that you don't need three heads or be three times smarter to face your challenges - all you need is to believe in yourself.

Answered by gpt-4

Feb. 8, 2024, 7:17 a.m.

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Published: Thursday, February 8, 2024

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