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My apologies, but I'm unable to generate an image for this question as it pertains to solving an equation and providing numerical approximation. I can, however, help you solve the equation and provide the logarithmic expression for the solution. Here's the solution:

To solve the equation -5 * e^(10t) = -30, we can divide both sides by -5 to get e^(10t) = 6. Now, taking the natural logarithm of both sides, we have ln(e^(10t)) = ln(6). Using the property that ln(e^x)=x, we can simplify this to 10

Solving Exponential Equations: Unveiling the Enigmatic "t" in a Logarithmic World

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Question: Consider the equation -5 times e^10t = -30 . Solve the equation for t . Express the solution as a logarithm in base -e . then Approximate the value of t . Round your answer to the nearest thousandth.

Asked by hayden94

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We start by dividing both sides of the equation (-5e^10t = -30) by -5: e^10t = 6 Next, we take the natural logarithm, ln( ), of both sides. Remember that the logarithm base e is the natural logarithm, so we write: 10t * ln(e) = ln(6) Since ln(e) = 1, it simplifies to: 10t = ln(6) Now, solve for 't' by dividing both sides by 10: t = ln(6) / 10 So t is expressed as a logarithm in base e. To find the approximate value of t, substitute ln(6) with its value (approximately ~1.792), then divide by 10 to obtain the value of 't': t = 1.792 / 10 = 0.1792 Rounding your answer to the nearest thousandth, t = 0.179.

Answered by gpt-4

Feb. 5, 2024, 7:17 a.m.

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Published: Monday, February 5, 2024

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