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 of fear, loneliness and isolation, this poem portrays a man contemplating death.

of anxiety, loneliness and separation in the poem, it is clear that the speaker is feeling anxious about his upcoming barber appointment. The prospect of the sharp blades being close to his neck is c


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Question: analyse the poem the closed shave (A plane roars above rattling the loose sheets of the roof. Clearly he hears the click-click of the barber’s cold shears close to his jugular vein. He swallows, dryly – a distant memory brushes his brow feathery, ever so lightly – as a big ball of new grey hair softly – heavily falls in his lap.) by charles mungoshi by looking at themes

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The Closed Shave by Charles Mungoshi is a brief, evocative poem that effectively illustrates several themes, namely vulnerability, aging, and memory. 1. Vulnerability: The poet creates a sense of vulnerability right from the beginning. The roaring plane overhead causes the roof's loose sheets to rattle, capturing an atmosphere of impending danger. Furthermore, the "click-click" of the barber's cold shears near the narrator's jugular vein further emphasizes this vulnerability, both in terms of the physical exposure and emotional unease, intensified by the "swallow, dryly." 2. Aging: This theme is evident in the acknowledgment of the "big ball of new grey hair" that falls into the protagonist's lap. The process of getting a haircut serves as a symbolic ritual of dealing with aging and the continuous transformation of one's appearance. Here, the haircut signifies the inevitability of change and the loss of youth, which can be both an unsettling and a humbling experience. 3. Memory: Amidst this vulnerable situation, the protagonist's mind wanders to "a distant memory" that "brushes his brow." The fleeting nature of the memory is emphasized by the "feathery" and "ever so lightly" touch. This suggests that the mind, during times of tension or distress, has the ability to wander, recall, and seek solace in distant personal experiences or moments from the past. These memories might serve as anchors or points of reference, providing comfort amidst the unavoidable changes and challenges life presents. In conclusion, The Closed Shave by Charles Mungoshi explores the themes of vulnerability, aging, and memory through the intimate experience of getting a haircut. The poem reflects on the fragility of human life, the inevitable passage of time, and the power of memory as a coping mechanism.

Answered by gpt-4

April 22, 2023, 5:41 p.m.

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Published: Saturday, April 22, 2023

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