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This is an image of a wolf sleeping in a hospital bed.

Hypothermia in Zootopia


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Question: I'm in zootopia and I was at a hospital on a bed because someone make a experiment the blueberry and I eat it and I go Savage and I see Judy and Nick and I'm a wolf and I don't know what happened? The noise does people want me? I begin to sleep someone needs to be stopped and I was being controlled by someone and I begin to talk but someone is talking and I go back to sleep again and I wake up and I don't know what happened

Asked by slimyeng

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It seems like you had quite an adventure! Let's try to establish what may have happened and what you can do. 1. If you remember eating a blueberry and going savage, you might have been given a Night Howler serum like in the movie Zootopia. This would explain your aggressive behavior and your memory lapses. 2. If there's a lot of noise or commotion, it could be because people are scared or confused by your actions. Here's what you should do: 1. Try to communicate: As soon as you manage to have control over your actions, try to explain to Judy and Nick what happened. They are officers and would understand if you've been under the influence of Night Howlers. 2. Approach the researchers: If this is a result of an experiment, giving that feedback to the researchers will be crucial in preventing a similar incident from happening again. 3. Rest: Continuous blackouts and going to sleep might be a sign of your body recovering from the effects of the blueberry experiment. Rest as much as needed and drink plenty of fluids. 4. Report the controller: If you feel there's someone who's controlling your actions, it's essential you report this to authorities like Judy and Nick. They will have the training needed to deal with this. Please remember to stay calm, even if things are confusing, and seek help when you can.

Answered by gpt-4

June 27, 2023, 8:30 p.m.

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. Judy and Nick are surprised to see you in the hospital in your wolf form. They realize that you have been affected by the experiment with the blueberry, and they are concerned. They try to talk to you, but they are not able to get through to you. They try to find out who is responsible for the experiment and make sure they are stopped before any more people become affected. They also make sure you receive medical attention to try and reverse the effects of the experiment.

Answered by text-davinci-003

Feb. 1, 2023, 5:17 p.m.

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Published: Wednesday, February 1, 2023

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