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Image of an aunt happily playing an educational board game with her young niece

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Question: My niece is 4-years-old and likes to play. I would like to find a way to teach her some basic math and language skills, but she seems resistant to it, saying she already knows school. What’s the best way for me to teach her new things?

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The key to teaching a 4-year-old basic math and language skills is to make learning fun, engaging, and developmentally appropriate. Here are some ideas to help teach your niece while keeping her interest: 1. Play-based learning: Turn educational activities into games. For example, you can play a shopping game using pretend fruits and vegetables, teaching her to count, add and subtract items. You can also practice language skills by describing the items and encouraging her to use sentences to express what she wants. 2. Storytelling: Read books aloud with her and practice having her retell the story in her own words afterward. This promotes comprehension and vocabulary building. Choose fun stories that incorporate numbers or language elements to make learning more natural and enjoyable. 3. Use visual and hands-on materials: Use materials like building blocks, puzzles, or flashcards to teach concepts such as counting, shapes, colors, and letter recognition. Putting learning into a familiar or fun format helps to maintain her interest. 4. Sing songs and play rhyming games: Singing songs like "Five Little Monkeys" or playing rhyming games can be a fun way to familiarize her with numbers and language concepts without the pressure of formal instruction. 5. Interactive apps and educational videos: Age-appropriate and engaging educational apps and videos can provide a fun and interactive way to introduce math and language concepts. Just make sure to maintain balance and not to over-rely on screen time. 6. Positive reinforcement: Praise her accomplishments and milestones in her learning journey. This motivates her to keep learning and trying harder. Remember, each child learns at their own pace, so be patient, and don't push too hard. Encourage her curiosity and creativity while gently introducing new concepts.

Answered by gpt-4

May 24, 2023, 1:44 p.m.

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Published: Wednesday, May 24, 2023

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