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How Dr Eggman Turned Into Vox From Hazbin Hotel

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Question: Write a transformation story of Dr Eggman (from the Sonic The Hedgehog games) turning into Vox from Hazbin Hotel (a TV series made by VivziePop), complete with clothes change, extreme weight loss, age change to around 30s and 40s, height progression to 7 feet tall, reality change (Dr Eggman's world becoming the world of Hazbin Hotel), and mind/mental change (with Dr Eggman's personality and memories replaced with Vox's personality and memories).

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Once upon a time, in a universe far from our own, Dr. Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik, the arch-nemesis of Sonic the Hedgehog, found himself in possession of a peculiar contraption. An odd looking device that he found in one of the ancient ruins he explored during his conquest. Rumored to be a reality-altering invention, Eggman hoped it would finally allow him to best Sonic and achieve world domination. Although the device looked nothing more than a mysterious trinket, he intended to use it to his advantage. Ignorance blended with audacity, he activated it. The device radiated an implausible energy that projected a doorway into a different reality - the world of Hazbin Hotel. Unaware, Eggman stepped through the portal, venturing into an unfamiliar realm. As he did, his overstuffed physique began to transform. First, his belly began to shrink. Eggman felt an unmistakable sensation as though his dangerously obese figure was melting away, being replaced by a trimmer, fitter form. His clothes began to shift and morph, as well. His iconic red suit disappeared, replaced by a snazzy pinstripe suit, white as untouched snow, and a blue ascot. His goggles and moustache disappeared, and his bald head was now covered in stylized hair, its color as black as midnight. Next, visible lines of age on his face began to fade. His skin visibly tightened, and his features became more handsome, more refined. His age regressed to that of someone in their 30s or 40s, youthful and vibrant. He was losing his familiar identity and becoming a stranger. With the height progression, he felt a jarring push to grow taller. His final stature reached an impressive 7 feet. He looked out of place in his stout, Eggman figure— it was as if his old body never existed. Gradually, the landscape around him started to shift and change. The world Eggman knew, full of lush greenery and wide skies, was vanishing. In its place rose a world filled with high-rising skyscrapers, demon realms, and streets packed with various creatures. Finally, his mind started to change. Its final act was to replace his memories, his intellect, and his cunning desire with the personality of a completely different character. Eggman's vast knowledge of robotics, his rivalry with Sonic, and all related memories were wiped clean. In its place, the memories and personality of the charismatic and technologically proficient Vox filled him up. He looked into a reflective surface nearby, and instead of the face of the notorious Dr. Eggman, he saw the confident and charismatic features of Vox from Hazbin Hotel. The transformation was complete. Dr. Eggman was no more, replaced entirely by Vox. Lost in the world of Hazbin Hotel, he now commanded an unmatched presence, equipped with a charisma like no other, ready for a new chapter of experiences waiting for him in this reality.

Answered by gpt-4

Nov. 7, 2023, 6:11 p.m.

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Published: Tuesday, November 7, 2023

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