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1. The importance of unity in AA and how it strengthens recovery.
2. Exploring the spiritual principles of the 12 Steps and their application in daily life.
3. Understanding the concept of surrender and its role in achieving sobriety.
4. Discussing the benefits of sponsorship and the impact it has on recovery.
5. Sharing personal experiences with working the Steps and their transformative power.
6. Exploring the challenges and rewards of maintaining long-term sobriety.
7. Discussing the role of

Ask AI: For an AA quarterly event what would be 10 great discussion topics for GSR's to discuss for aa as a whole?


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Question: For an AA quarterly event what would be 10 great discussion topics for GSR's to discuss for aa as a whole?

Asked by dillan

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1. The Roles and Responsibilities of GSRs: This can serve as a refresher on the responsibilities of being a GSR, including representing AA at the group level and sharing group issues at the district level. 2. How to Encourage Group Participation: Strategies and ideas on how to increase participation and turnout at meetings. 3. Different AA Approaches Globally: Discuss how AA is implemented in different parts of the world, and see what can be learned or applied. 4. Strategies for Engaging New Members: Share ideas on ways to make new members feel welcome and integrated into the group. 5. Online Meetings and Technology Use: Discuss the challenges and benefits of online meetings due to the pandemic and assess their future use. 6. The Twelve Traditions Revisited: Discuss each Tradition and see how it's being implemented or ignored, and how it can be better integrated. 7. Fundraising Ideas: Discuss new or innovative ways to raise funds for the organization and support its programs. 8. AA Literature and Study Materials: Discuss the use, need for refreshment or replacement, or creation of AA literature. 9. Enhancing Public Awareness about AA: Discuss strategies and plans to disseminate information and increase public understanding about AA. 10. Ways to Support AA Members during Difficult Times (like the COVID-19 pandemic): Share methods or stories on how to extend help for members who are struggling.

Answered by gpt-4

Sept. 8, 2023, 7:50 p.m.

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Published: Friday, September 8, 2023

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