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This is an image of a QR code that was found on a motion sensor in a hotel room. The QR code leads to a live p2p cam app that was being used by the person who found the device inside the wall of the room. The device had no signal or any signs of phone usage, so it's likely that the QR code was used to sign into the app without being detected.

. Clickable Camera in Hotel Wall Likely Not a Motion Sensor


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Question: i found a device in the wall of my hotel room. i was told it was a motion sensor but im suspicious that i might be a camera. The device had a QR code that i used to sign into a p2p live cam app. when i was staying in the hotel room i could feel static in the air and did not have any phone signal

Asked by r3

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While it may be a motion sensor, your suspicions could be valid as well, especially if you were able to access a live cam app using the QR code. Here's what you can do to validate your concerns and maintain your privacy: 1. Inspect the device closely: Look for any tiny lens, as cameras are usually covered with a semi-transparent glass or plastic to blend in with the surroundings. Pay close attention to any tiny holes or reflective surfaces on the device. 2. Use your smartphone: Many smartphones have the option to detect infrared light. Open your phone's camera and point it towards the device while in a dark room. If you see any light source or reflection, it could indicate a hidden camera. 3. Phone signal interference: If you experience phone signal issues or static in the air, it could be due to interference caused by electronic devices, such as bugs or hidden cameras. Consider using a bug detector that can detect radio frequencies and help identify any potential covert devices in your room. 4. Contact the hotel staff: If you are still concerned about your privacy, talk to the hotel manager about your suspicions. They should be able to provide an explanation or take necessary actions to ensure your privacy. 5. Use online reviews: It may also help to check online reviews of the hotel to see if any previous guests have reported similar issues or concerns. Keep in mind that hotels are required to respect their guests' privacy and using hidden cameras in hotel rooms without consent is illegal. By taking proactive steps, you can ensure that your privacy is maintained during your stay.

Answered by gpt-4

April 11, 2023, 5:40 a.m.

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Published: Tuesday, April 11, 2023

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