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Christmas elf story: A young woman wakes up one Christmas morning to find she has become an elf! She has all the typical elf features--a tunic, cape, boots, pointed ears, and long hair--but her age


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Question: Write a POV transformation story of the reader turning into a fantasy elf complete with a tunic, a cape, long boots, pointy elven ears, and long blonde hair (not a Christmas elf, fantasy elf) complete with age change, supernatural powers gain, reality change (the reader's real world becoming the fantasy medieval world), and mind/mental change (with the reader's personality and memories replaced with an elf's personality and memories).

Asked by BoogieMorty

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You burrow yourself into the cozy corner of your bed, snuggling cozily into your favorite book, "The Elves of Silverwood." Yet, the words seem to dance in front of your eyes tonight, shaping into a surreal invitation, "Would you like to see life through our eyes? Become as we are?" You chuckle at this oddity and answer aloud affirmatively. A euphoric dizziness overtakes your senses, and the room around you fades to black. As your eyes flutter open, a wave of fresh, crisp air scented with pine and elderberries caresses your face. You find yourself in an emerald-green forest, the familiar surroundings of your room now a memory. The morning light filters through the leaves, painting the trunks with a divine, ethereal glow. A delicate tingle crawls over your skin, and there's a subtle change in your stature. You appear taller, and your clothes morph into a ethereal tunic of a brilliant earthy hue. It's embellished intricately with silver thread depicting ancient Elven runes, a matching cape drapes gracefully over your shoulders reflecting the majesty of your new appearance. Your shoes have ultimate transformed into long, sturdy boots fitting snugly around your feet. A pool in the close vicinity beckons you. Mesmerized, you approach it, peering into its crystal-clear mirror. The reflection staring back is staggeringly beautiful. Your ears taper to an elegant point, resonant of age-old Elven glory. Waves of shimmering, golden curls cascade down your back, casting a radiant halo around your elfin visage. You notice your eyes, no longer the hue you're accustomed to, but a vivid emerald, flecked with gold; your face looks younger yet timeless, radiating an ethereal glow. A sense of harmonious beauty envelops you, healing all previous aches and pains. Physically, you've transcended mere human limitations. Emerging memories fill your mind, ancient and fresh, replacing your old ones. Mundane notions of human life are fading away, replaced by centuries of Elven wisdom, decoration of countless Midsummer Eve Feasts, and scrolls of sacred Elven lore. Suddenly, you know the secret melodies that can coax a blossom to bloom or summon a starlit path into existence. With a light jump, you discover you're incredibly agile and your hearing and sight are significantly heightened. You touch a nearby tree, and, a wave of understanding hits you, you can hear its whispers, understand its language. The rustling leaves sing stories, and the swift brook nearby recounts its journey from the distant mountain. A pleasant shock of realization spreads through your body. You've become an Elf, blessed with heightened senses and harmonious with nature. You're one with the wind, sky, and even the smallest blade of grass. The world you've woken up to is an era of swords and sorcery. High palaces and elegant bridges, untouched forests, and pristine rivers complete your picturesque surroundings. The human life you once knew is a fading memory overlapped by this grandeur and medieval simplicity. Relishing in these extraordinary circumstances, you embrace your new identity, ready to explore the relationships, experiences and wisdom you're now privy to as an Elf of Silverwood. The world just changed its reality for you, now it's your turn to create a reality for the world. This is your life now, as an Elf, in the heart of Silverwood forest, draped in magic and an age-old wisdom. Embrace it, cherish it, live it - for you're no longer just a reader of a story. You've become the story itself.

Answered by gpt-4

Nov. 8, 2023, 8:49 p.m.

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Published: Wednesday, November 8, 2023

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