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"Charmed" I can't believe this is really happening. I'm staring at my clone brother for the first time. He looks so much like me, it's uncanny. He has my same pale skin, the same black hair, and the


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Question: Write a POV transformation story of the human reader and his/her friend or sibling turning into identical clones of Crimson (from the Helluva Boss series), complete with gender change (if the reader and/or the reader's sibling/friend are females), clothes change, age change, height change, and mind/mental change (with the reader's and the friend's/sibling's personalities and memories being completely replaced with Crimson's personality and memories, making them completely forget that they were ever normal humans and only remember being Crimson, an imp and a mafia leader). For Crimson's appearance (after the reader and his/her friend/sibling turned into his clones), he is a quite tall imp demon, standing closer in height to Blitzo, with white hair, black and white striped horns, and yellow sclera. Around his eyes are white markings, with the right being larger than the left. He possesses a crooked and bent tail with white accents near the base and on the middle of his tail fork. His appearance is similar to his son Moxxie, with similar hair and shape of his horns, however larger and slightly more jagged. Unlike his son (Moxxie), Crimson's skin is a darker shade of red and his legs appear to be plantigrade (like a human's), rather than digitigrade, but still have red cloven hooves. All of Crimson's teeth are sharp fangs, while one of his fangs is a golden fang unlike the other teeth (which are white). Crimson's attire consists of a red high-collar shirt that grips his neck, topped by a navy blue coat with light blue accents, thin red stripes, red buttons, and red lining. His pants are dark blue which also have thin red stripes, and his shoes are black and red-heeled dress shoes. He also wears a black fedora with a red and white band. Crimson is a vicious and extremely ruthless crime boss that controls a large army of shark-like demon gangsters. He is horrifically abusive towards Moxxie since his childhood, constantly levying physical and psychological abuse towards Moxxie, and by extension his wife. He cultivates an aura of fear in those that know him, even towards his own family members and close associates like Moxxie and Chazwick. Ultimately, his greed and power come first to him, and he harbors no remorse for his victims. This comes to the point that he appears mentally prepared to kill blood-related family members, such as his wife and Moxxie, to advance his personal goals. Despite this, he is capable of exhibiting a seemingly jovial, warm, happy, and even charismatic presence when he chooses to do so, such as during his initial meeting with Blitzo and Millie, or during moments when he feels comfortable. However, he can be quick to discard this external display of affection as required. The story would be that Crimson is still filled with hatred against I.M.P, since I.M.P crewmembers led by him stopped the forced wedding of his son Moxxie to Chazwick Thurman (who is now deceased and his toothed jaw is now just a house decoration in Crimson's house), and (unbeknownst to reader and his/her sibling/friend) is self-aware and he hated how the reader and the friend/sibling were laughing at his defeat. So out of supernatural reasons and revenge against I.M.P, he briefly leaves the world of Helluva Boss and visits the real world to to abduct the reader and the reader's friend/sibling and bring them to Crimson's house back in the Helluva Boss world. However, rather than Crimson killing the reader or his/her friend/sibling, he strapped both the reader and his/her sibling/friend onto an invention that Crimson discovered on an alleyway, and turned them both into his clones, thus turning the reader and his/her friend/sibling into Crimson's identical twin brothers. There should also be quotes from the characters in this story so we know what they're saying and what they're thinking.

Asked by DonnieBags

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Prologue: One average evening in the real world, you and your friend are enjoying a binge-watch session of your favourite show, Helluva Boss. You both find the character Crimson particularly amusing, laughing at his defeat and failures. Unbeknownst to you both, this character is more real than you imagine, and he's not too thrilled with your amusement. "You think it's funny, huh?" A ferocious voice echoes across your living room, and a blood-red portal appears before you, out of which steps the infamous Mafia boss, Crimson. It's a scene straight out of your favourite series, but the fear and reality strike you both at once. Crimson, with a malicious glint in his yellow eyes, swoops down upon you both, pulling you into the swirling portal. Chapter 1: Welcome to Hell Blinking open your eyes, everything seems hazy and disoriented. The realisation dawns; you're not on your comfortable home couch anymore. In fact, very far from it. You find yourself and your friend strapped onto a bizarre, alien-like device, in the middle of a room decorated with peculiar trophies and shark-like figures. "Welcome to my humble abode," Crimson taunts, turning the device on. "Let's have a little fun, shall we?" Chapter 2: The Transformation You feel a foreign energy surge through you, followed by a string of peculiar sensations. You notice your physique bulking up, growing higher and stronger. You look down at your hands, which are gradually being replaced by red, devilish hands, coated with a more sinister shade. It seems grotesque, but you feel no pain. It's a hauntingly intriguing process. "Enjoying the show?" Crimson’s voice echoes, his laughter seemingly echoing in your ears. You see your friend going through the same process, fabric morphing into a dark blue suit with red accents, similar to Crimson's attire. Chapter 3: A New Identity You remember how you laughed at Crimson on your television screen, but now, the irony isn't lost on you. His personality and memories start seeping into you both, your past life beginning to fade. You no longer see your friend, but another Crimson, a clone just like you. It's not just about becoming identical twins; it's more complex. You gradually embrace the ruthless mindset and unapologetic greed of the notorious demon. "Those who laugh last laugh best, my dear Juniors," comes Crimson's voice again, a mocking lilt to it. And with that, the final change sets in: your mental transformation. Your memories as humans get replaced by visions of controlling shark-like demons, dealing in crime, and dealing horrific abuse to a boy named Moxxie. Chapter 4: Acceptance The device powers down, the transformation complete. You and your friend, no longer human, stand as mirror images of Crimson, embracing the hellish reality of your existence. You understand Crimson's motivations, his goals, and his ruthless ambition. No remorse, no guilt. You are no longer yourself or your friend, but clones of Crimson. Finally, you step off the device, not in fear, rather, a newfound understanding and respect. As you share a knowing glance, he simply tips his hat and leaves, confident that he's left behind a worthy legacy. Epilogue: As you stand in the room, overlooking the underworld that is now your dominion, you feel a satisfaction settling within, both bitter and sweet in its own way. The humans who laughed at Crimson are no more. Instead, two exact replicas now stand, ready to triumph, to conquer, and to dominate. The game has indeed, just begun.

Answered by gpt-4

Dec. 6, 2023, 6 p.m.

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Published: Wednesday, December 6, 2023

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