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Bailey Gets Trapped in the Body of a 7 Year Old


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Question: Story: Write me a story the way I type about 7 year old Will being babysat by his 14 year old sister Bailey. Please have Bailey be hanging out with 5 of her friends in the living room having a sleepover. Please have Bailey have long black hair and brown eyes and be wearing a friendship bracelet on her arm and a necklace from another best friend and an ankle bracelet and have her fingernails and toenails be painted hot pink and have her be wearing a blue tank top, black shorts and black flip flops and have her be wearing clip-on earrings. Everyone had eaten pizza for dinner and was settling down when Will realized he left his favorite stuffed animal in the living room. Please have Will say the quote "Um sissy? I left my teddy bear in here. Can I have it?" Please have Bailey say the quote "What? No! Go to bed! And leave us alone!" Will was sad and frustrated but he really wanted his teddy bear. When nighttime arrived, all the girls were asleep and Will sneaked downstairs to the living room and looked for his toy. Please have Will sneak around all the sleeping girls and grab his teddy bear before Bailey woke up still wearing her outfit from earlier. Please have Bailey say the quote "I thought I told you to go to bed" Please have Will say the quote "Why are you being such a meanie sissy? Teddy keeps the monsters away when I'm sleeping" Please have Bailey reach out for the bear while Will is walking away causing a jolt to go through Will's body causing his vision to go black. Please have Will hear his own voice say the quote "You're such a meanie Bailey!" before running away alarming Will as he knew he didn't say that. Please have Will open his eyes and realize he's taller before looking down and having long black hair come into his vision and have Will realize he's wearing the tank top, shorts and bracelets and necklace Bailey was wearing and have him extend his nails out to pink polish on his fingernails and toenails causing Will to gag. Please have Will say the quote "I'm.... Bailey? I don't wanna be a girl" before covering his mouth afraid at hearing his sister's female voice come out of his mouth instead of his own. Please have Will start to walk out of the living room not looking where he's walking and accidentally trip over Bailey's flip flops causing them to slip on his feet involuntarily. Please have Will clip clop upstairs to the bathroom looking at his new female reflection before looking down at his female body seeing his female arms and legs and hands and feet and nails and clothes and long female hair causing him to frown and freak out. Please have Will hear his own body say "I'm sorry sissy. I love you" freaking out Will more as he contemplated what to do. Please have Will say the quote "I don't wanna be sissy! I wanna be a boy! I don't wanna be a girl! I hate pink!" before running out of the bathroom with the flip flops still on his female feet before collapsing in the hallway and crawling to a corner before curling up into a ball. Please have Will curl up looking down with a frown causing his long black hair to fall in his vision again and have him catch a glimpse of the nail polish on his fingers and toes again as he realizes he's still wearing his sister's flip flops causing him to squeeze his eyes shut and start rocking back and forth hoping this was just a bad dream and he'd be 7 year old Will again in the morning not knowing that he was actually permanently stuck in the body of his sister Bailey and that he would never be a boy again.

Asked by manemansteve

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Seven-year-old Will was being babysat by his older sister, Bailey. Now 14 and the definition of adolescent femininity, Bailey had her five friends over for a sleepover. All six girls were hanging out in the living room for the evening. The most standout among them, Bailey was wearing her long black hair in a simple yet elegant loose wave. Her brown eyes shimmered with an inner light that complemented her complexion. A friendship bracelet, a necklace from another best friend, an ankle bracelet, and pink nail polish on both her fingers and toes completed her look. She was casually dressed in a blue tank top, black shorts, and black flip flops while sporting clip-on earrings. After a lively evening of laughter and slices of pizza disappearing off the box, they settled down, soon turning into a landscape of sleeping beauties. But Will, who had already retreated to his room, realized that he had left his favourite teddy bear in the living room. The quote "Um sissy? I left my teddy bear in here. Can I have it?" fell from his lips as he shuffled over to his sister, interrupted her fun. Bailey replied with a short and swift command, "What? No! Go to bed! And leave us alone!" Will tucked his lower lip in, retreated to his room, feeling a pang of sadness and frustration. But he determined he couldn’t sleep without his teddy bear. Later, when midnight had cloaked everything in darkness and silence, Will orchestrated a stealthy mission to rescue his dear teddy. Sneaking past the living room filled with snoring girls, he carefully avoided disturbing Bailey, who was still fast asleep in her earlier outfit. However, the creak of a floorboard roused her. "I thought I told you to go to bed," she groaned upon spotting Will. He held his teddy bear closer to his chest, protesting - "Why are you being such a meanie sissy? Teddy keeps the monsters away when I'm sleeping." Bailey reached out for the bear. As her fingers brushed against his arm, a sudden jolt caused his vision to go black, and then he heard his own voice echoing, "You're such a meanie Bailey!" He felt something that made him shudder: he hadn’t actually spoken. Blinking his eyes open to the reality of being taller, Will looked down, only to see long black hair veiling his vision. Glancing down further, he discovered he was wearing the same tank top, shorts, bracelets, necklace that Bailey was wearing earlier. He inspected his hands, outstretching his fingers to see they were adorned in pink polish. "I'm... Bailey? I don't wanna be a girl!" he declared, covering his mouth in surprise as Bailey's voice echoed instead of his own childish tone. Getting up clumsily, he tripped over Bailey's flip flops and found himself involuntarily stumbling into them. Staggering upstairs to the bathroom, he studied his reflection and explored his new body: seeing his smooth female arms, slender legs, feminine hands and feet, and felt a surge of fear build up in his chest. He heard his body say, "I'm sorry sissy. I love you," to his mirrored reflection, adding to his fear. "I don't wanna be sissy! I wanna be a boy! I don't wanna be a girl! I hate pink!" he exclaimed before running out of the bathroom. But the flip flops were still attached to his female feet, and he tripped, collapsed in the hallway. In his panic, he scuttled to the corner, curling up into a ball. His long black hair fell in his vision as he tucked his head down, and he had yet another glimpse at the pink polish on his nails. The realization that he's still wearing Bailey's flip flops hit him again, and he squeezed his eyes shut. Rocking back and forth, he hoped with everything in him that it was just a bad dream, and he would wake up as seven-year-old Will. Unfortunately, he was not aware that his current reality was permanent, forever stuck in his sister Bailey's body; he would never be a boy again.

Answered by gpt-4

Nov. 28, 2023, 1:26 a.m.

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Published: Tuesday, November 28, 2023

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