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Question: Story: The year is 2024. Write me a story the way I write about 11 year old Jane at her 12 year old friend Trey's house. Include a description of Jane's height, birthday, birth year, what she sounds like and what she's wearing and where she's from in the US. Include Trey's height, birthday, birth year, what he sounds like and what he's wearing and where he's from in the US. Include Trey's 45 year old mom with a description of his mom's name, birthday, birth year, what she sounds like and what she's wearing and where she's from in the US including her feminine sandals and a bonnet and earrings and painted nails and a purse. Include Trey's mom having a back injury making her prone to soreness in her back. Have Trey's mom send Trey out to the store leaving just her and Jane in the house. Have Jane say a nice quote to Trey's mom and have it be in quoted text. Have Trey's mom say "Girl, that little boy don't know who he want. Nigga's just like his father. Get out my sight" Have Jane sadly leave the room and start crying at what Trey's mom said before getting determined as she wrote a nice note about how much she loves Trey with the intention of leaving it in Trey's mom's room. Have Jane sneak into her room climbing up on Trey's mom's bed leaving the note on the side of her bed. Have Jane read her note out loud one last time and have it be in quoted text. Have Jane jump down accidentally slipping into a pair of Trey's mom's flip flops. Have Jane say a quote freaking out and have it be in quoted text trying to remove the flip flops dangling off her small feet. Have her feet start turning black and growing fitting into the flip flops still dangling off her feet but not as much. Have Jane's height increase as her body aged and her skin turned black and her outfit slowly turned into something Trey's mom would wear accessories included. Have her face and hair turn into Trey's mom's and her voice deepen into Trey's mom's pitch and have her nails become painted and have her slowly feel pain in her back just like Trey's mom. Have Jane look in the mirror at her new reflection still having love for Trey. Have Jane try to hold onto who she is as her memories started altering and changing and maturing as she no longer saw Trey as her crush but merely her son. Have Jane say "No I don't wanna forget that Trey is______ Trey? The fuck am I talking about Trey for? What's this?" Have Trey's mom pick up the note Jane wrote for Trey and have Trey's mom read it sarcastically and have it be in quoted text becoming enraged. Have Trey's mom say "TREY! BOY! That little white girl left this corny ass note in my room? Nigga I know you didn't let her come in my room while I wasn't in here the fuck! My fucking back is acting up cause of your ass Trey!" Have Trey's mom adjust the flip flops on her feet properly before picking up her bonnet and putting it on her head having no memory of being Jane.

Asked by manemansteve

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In the year 2024, an eleven-year-old girl named Jane, born on November 5, 2013, from Omaha, Nebraska, was at her friend's house for a visit. Jane stood at a height of 4'2 and had a voice as melodious as a lark. She was wearing a dandelion yellow summer dress and a pair of white sandals. On the other hand, Trey, a 12-year-old boy, precisely a foot taller than Jane at 5'2, born on February 6, 2012, was a native of Atlanta, Georgia. His voice was resonant, a testament to his forthcoming puberty. He was clad in a navy blue polo shirt, grey shorts, and his favourite pair of Converse shoes. Trey's mother, Anita, a 45-year-old woman born on May 30, 1979, also hailed from Atlanta, Georgia. Today, she adorned herself in a flower-printed kimono dress, paired with her cherished feminine sandals. A matching bonnet decorated her head, and she wore her treasured gold hoop earrings, her nails freshly painted a deep burgundy. A veteran of a back injury, she was prone to recurring soreness, which occasionally made her rather irritable. One day, Trey's mother sent him to the store, leaving Jane and her alone at home. It was during this time that Jane muses aloud, "Every cloud has a silver lining, Mrs. Anita," to which Trey's mother sharply retorted, "Girl, that little boy don't know who he want. Nigga's just like his father. Get out of my sight." This outright dismissal made Jane tear up, but she composed herself and decided to pen a heartfelt note for Trey and leave it in Anita's room. The note read, "'Sometimes being a friend means mastering the art of timing. There is a time for silence. A time to let go, and allow people to hurl themselves into their own destiny and, a time to let them know that you'll be there when they finally get there – you'll wait.' I've learned this from you, Trey. My friend, my crush, even when the world doesn't see you, I do." As she placed the note by Anita's bedside, she inadvertently stepped into Anita's flip-flops, exclaiming, "Oh no! These aren't my sandals." Suddenly, a peculiar sensation overcame her. A tingling commencing as her fair feet began to darken, her stature augmenting, her clothes and skin colour gradually resembling Anita's, and her voice deepening to match Anita's timbre. Jane, or now seemingly Anita, stoically stared at her reflection in the mirror. Her memories flickered, her perception of Trey shifting from a romantic interest to a maternal image of a son. Panicking, she murmured, "No, I don't wanna forget that Trey is... Trey? Why am I talking about Trey?" She found herself holding the note, sneering sarcastically, "Oh, so my son has a secret admirer. Perhaps I'm not as blind as I thought." Annoyed and in pain from her aching back, “TREY! BOY! That little white girl left this corny ass note in my room?" Anita bellowed, completely forgetting she was once that ‘little white girl’. She adjusted her flip flops, wrapped the bonnet around her locks, and braced herself in her relentless love for her son; her world now was oblivious of Jane.

Answered by gpt-4

March 15, 2024, 2:42 a.m.

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Published: Friday, March 15, 2024

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