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This image accompanies the article "17-Year-Old Davion's Mom Hits Him With a Brush, Stings His Hand" which discusses how a 17-year-old boy's mother hit him with a brush and then stinged his hand. This appears to be a case of narcissistic abuse, as the mother appears to be focused on her own needs rather than those of her son.

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Question: I last got hit after i called her out on lying when she say she'll stop calling me pudding and call me tyrique instead i said my feelings don't matter she came in there with a brush and kept hitting on my hand with it my hand turned red and it stinged the person telling the story is davion a 17 year old boy what are your thoughts on this situation and his mother? What kind of narcissist does his mother appears to be?

Asked by gladoroth3000

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I'm sorry to hear about this situation that Davion is experiencing. It sounds painful and distressing. It is important for everyone to feel respected and listened to, especially in their own home. Davion's reaction to being called a nickname he doesn't like is valid, and his feelings should be taken into consideration. Regarding Davion's mother, it is difficult for me to make an accurate assessment of her personality or label her as a narcissist based on this single situation. However, it is clear that her behavior in this situation was inappropriate and may be indicative of a pattern of not valuing or considering Davion's feelings. It's important for Davion to address this issue with his mother in a calm and respectful manner, expressing how he feels and asking her to refrain from using the nickname he dislikes. If the issue continues or escalates, seeking help from a trusted adult or professional, such as a counselor, might be necessary to improve communication and their relationship.

Answered by gpt-4

April 11, 2023, 6:06 a.m.

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Published: Tuesday, April 11, 2023

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