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George Watsky's Greatest Hits: List of His Best Songs

"Never Let It Die" by Watsky with Anderson Paak and Kush Mody (2014)

Lyrics for "Never Let It Die"

This is probably my favorite song by him, great beat, and two awesome verses. You just get inspired after hearing it.

"Stupidass" by Watsky (2012)

Lyrics for "Stupidass"

Even though the original song has 3 verses (which you can hear by going to his Band Camp page), this video has the best verse. Watsky's flow is phenomenal in it. Every word has the perfect sound.

"Cardboard Castles" by Watsky (2013)

Lyrics for "Cardboard Castles"

Complete with a touching music video, this song from the album of the same name, is a great song to put on as you lie back and reflect on life.

"Woah Woah Woah" by Watsky (2014)

Lyrics for "Woah Woah Woah"

This is the closest Watsky will get to savage. "Woah Woah Woah" has some great punchlines and the music video has Bo Burnham and Jim Belushi in it for some reason.

"Rich Girl" by Watsky (2012)

Lyrics for "Rich Girl"

Borrowing one of the best choruses of all time from Hall & Oates, this song is a great one to chill to during summer.

"Seizure Boy" by Watsky and The GetBand (2009)

Lyrics for "Seizure Boy"

Even though I like the album version of this song better, it is still very cool seeing Watsky play with a live band.

Kick Monday (In the Nutsack) by Watsky and Mody ft. Wax (2012)

Lyrics for "Kick Monday (In the Nutsack)"

Just a dumb party song, but pretty catchy. Plus, Wax has a great first line in this song.

"Wounded Healer" by Watsky (Deer Tick Sample) (2012)

Lyrics for "Wounded Healer (Deer Tick Sample)"

If you have a dad, this song might hit you hard.

"Hey, Asshole" by Watsky ft. Kate Nash (2013)

Lyrics for "Hey Asshole (feat. Kate Nash)"

Watsky just has a song for every mood you're in. Here is a sadder one...

"Strong as an Oak" by Watsky (2013)

Lyrics for "Strong as an Oak"

And a happy one. He is especially appealing to the "average listener" because they can better relate to his music.

"No Flex Zone (Remix)" by Karmin & Watsky (2014)

Lyrics for "No Flex Zone (Remix)"

Not one of my favorite Watsky songs. I don't really like the beat nor the chorus, but Karmin is very talented and it is a pretty popular song.

"Who's Been Loving You?" by Watsky (2007)

Lyrics for "Who's Been Loving You?"

This is one of the best songs by Watsky. It speaks to his essence. This song is best listened to blaring over your car stereo while on the highway singing your heart out.

"Beginning of The End" by Watsky (2007)

Lyrics for "Beginning of the End"

Well, I guess the best way to finish this list off is with the song that started George Watsky's rapping career.

I hope you liked this list of Watsky's songs. If you didn't, or you think I missed something, tell me in the comments.

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Published: May 26, 2015

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