Delete The Internet

This is your chance to delete The Internet, whether it be page by page, or one fatal swoop

The Basic Idea

Every page I ever create will have a bounty assigned to it. If this bounty is reached, that page will be deleted. This website also has a bounty on it. To delete The Internet, the bounty is $1,000,000

The More Extensive Idea

Every page will have a bounty attached to it that can be viewed near the bottom of the page. This bounty can range anywhere from $1 to $1,500,000. Almost all of them will be (well) below, with only the pages more essential to the function of this website (this one and About The Internet) being the exception, having a bounty of $1,500,000. When the bounty for a page is reached, the content of the page will be deleted and replaced with the word "deleted" that links back to TheInternet.io. If one person pays double the bounty for the page, he or she may choose the content to be displayed on that page. Besides just deleting pages, this entire website can be deleted. The bounty for The Internet is $1,000,000. In the case that one person pays $2,000,000, all will be relinquished to that person, and they will become the caretaker of The Internet to do with it whatever they wish.

How To Pay A Bounty

Simply press the Paypal button below the bounty. Enter the amount you want to pay toward the bounty, and check out! If you have any problems with the button, please leave a comment, so I can help.


More Information

The bounty for this page is $1,500,000