Studying in the student center

Episode #2

Always On, Sometimes There

Dec. 17, 2016 - I woke up both earlier and later that I wanted to. My past self wanted to start the day at 11AM, and my present self wanted to stay in until finals were over. I settled on 12:34 PM.

Now was the day I had to start studying for finals. I blew off reading week as usual, but left myself just enough time to get everything done. Today's task: memorize 20 songs for my music humanities class (that is required for all students).

Snow had fallen yesterday and it was a few degrees above freezing, so the walk outside was much more enjoyable. Not without it's challenges, though. Snow tends to turn into water, and water tends to get things wet. I had to be creative to dodge all of the puddles.

I made it to the dining hall, feet still pretty dry. Nice little breakfast. Saw a friend I blew off yesterday. It was a nice surprise and just being able to have a conversation with someone was needed.

Off to the library. Some more disappointment as every room is full. Let's try a lounge. Perfect! There is an open space and pretty close to a bathroom, too. It worked well for about an hour, until someone decided to come in and ruin it for everyone by creating beautiful music on the grand piano in there. Leave and go to the student center.

Listening to some classical, romantic, and modern music (Beethoven, Wagner, Stravinsky, etc.) to study. Time for dinner. Have food in me but feeling empty. Back to student center.

Finish out night and we're back in the room.

I did get everything I needed to do done, but I never really felt satisfaction from that. More just a lingering dread. I'm not sure about what, though. I'm confident I'll do well on my exams. It might just be being alone. It's been a week or so since I last met up with Sally. That was such a nice couple days. I want to be back in bed with you. I really miss that warmth that permeates everything.

But that isn't gone. I won't see her again this semester, but will once I get back.

Maybe it is just anxiety about getting that gift for my cousin.

Either way, it's kind of gone away now. Now sleep, then...

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